by BlauKraut Engineering

A virtual analog synthesizer with flexible features for sound quality and easy usability.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BlauKraut Engineering

Release : Charlatan 3.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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If you want to create different classic or experimental sounds, you should try Charlatan. Because of its tremendous features, this software enables artists to try creating different sounds. With the help of it, you can trigger your creativity instead of just relying on the presets. The sound engine of Charlatan is highly optimized for effective sound quality.

The interface is easy to use as it is designed to set features for a large number of sounds. You can redefine your skills effectively because of the flawless performance and innovative features. As per your mood and experience, it continuously adapts as musical software.


  • The software consists of two oscillators per voice with waveforms.
  • The oscillators have cross-modulation and hard synchronization. These are directed to the two multi-mode filters.
  • You can decide the configuration of these filters in three ways: serial, parallel, and dual.
  • Each oscillator consists of seven unison voices.
  • Each voice has two filters aligned with them.
  • To edit the shape, you should click on the waveform display.
  • Vertical bars in the software show the amplitude for the first 16 partials.
  • You'll see the four modulation generators below the oscillators with freely drawable shapes that can operate either as LFO or envelope generators.
  • The software has another four modulation transformers below the previous modulation to reshape any control signal with the help of user-defined mapping.
  • You'll also experience the drag-and-drop feature in the Charlatan software.
  • Optional internal 2X oversampling
  • A high-quality FX section consists of Phaser, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and EQ.
  • It has a very low RAM and CPU usage.

Overall, Charlatan is a great software compatible with Windows, Linux, and VST3. It was developed by Blaukraut with the latest version, 3.1.0, which you can download and install free of cost. It is designed to meet the needs of today’s artists for high-quality sounds. To run it on Windows, you must have Windows 10 or later and acquire its features fully.

Charlatan is a virtual analog synthesizer to help artists create a wide range of quality sounds using its flexible features.
1. CPU capable of running music production software
2. Support for VSTi and AU formats
3. Free storage space for installation and operation

Generates a wide array of high-quality sounds.
Efficient design minimizes CPU consumption.
Extremely user-friendly with intuitive interface.

Limited sound modulation compared to premium synthesizers.
Lacks built-in music production tools.
Interface could be overwhelming for beginners.
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