by Acoustica Inc

A VSTi plugin consisting of a virtual grand piano

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Acoustica Inc

Antivirus check: passed

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Pianissimo focuses primarily on creating the best sounding and most life-like output grand piano possible using virtual tools. It also has a lot of options that all can be tweaked around and configured to your liking and preference. This software choice combines sophisticated virtual modeling to create an "alive" version of a piano, and sample playback to create the most stunning and realistic virtual acoustic piano.

With a head start of a large amount of the highest-quality samples of a professional grand piano, the program uses the data and complex signal processing and programming to make the most of the virtual model. So too for right grip over tone, tune, velocity, mechanical hammer sounds, sympathetic resonance, a neatly low CPU usage, and a large amount of voices of polyphony all make for a perfect recreation of the playability, response, and warmth of a real piano. All this may just make Pianissimo one of the better-sounding and working virtual grand piano copies ever made!  


Pianissimo is a handy VSTi plugin creating a life-like virtual grand piano to play, coming in clutch for those needing virtual practice

  • 250 MegaBytes of 4-strike samples, all of which are also being improved heavily with acoustic modeling to produce all the warmth and expressive nature of the grand piano being played 
  • The built-in studio reverb system creates a very realistic ambiance around the piano, as well as the beautiful echo of the sound being played 
  • A two-track sequencer, a metronome, and the ability to mix recording to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG audio files
  • Confiragable chorus, velocity, reverb, effect, and others to make it easy for you to adjust the response time, as well as tone to best fit your way
  • Adjusts easily to all mainstream digital recording software packages, in the form of a VSTi plugin
  • Adjustable incidental piano noises, as well as mechanical clicks and noises (from the damper pedal) and key release, for a better feeling of realism

In short, Pianissimo consists of different tools all working together to create the most believable and best-sounding grand piano imaginable. All this makes this software stand out as a unique piece of the virtual piano program, capable of satisfying even the most demanding pianists!


Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
Minimum 2GB RAM
Compatible with MIDI controllers
Up to 500MB hard disk space

Produces highly authentic and dynamic piano sound.
User interface is intuitive and customizable.
Broad compatibility with diverse MIDI controllers.

Lacks advanced composition features for complex music production.
High-quality sound may require a powerful computer setup.
No integrated sheet music display.
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