Reveal information about your USB devices in order to troubleshoot them

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Troubleshooting a USB connected device can cause us all to want to pull our hair out.  There is a simple to use and efficient application to the rescue. ChipGenius is a low frills freeware application that scan and extracts information about a user's USB devices who may then use that information to determine if the offending item is repairable and can help track down the proper firmware.  It is extremely useful when a flash device is not seen in Window's Explorer and the user is then is forced to dig to locate the needed basics to repair the impactful issue.  

There are two viewable areas on the ChipGenius interface, one shows the USB devices and the other shows the details of each device, such as processing speed and ID data.  


Easy and quick to use.
  • Simple to use with no buttons or menus.
  • Shows the VID and PID. 
  • Lists hardware specifications of all connected USB devices.
  • Detailed reports are easy to read and comprehensive.

A corrupted and malfunctioning USB device can severely impact data transfer and storage, it can halt production and can cause lost time and money.  In addition, USB issues can be difficult to identify and troubleshoot.  This small and portable application can give the user the needed information to identify and help fix the issue quickly.  While the reports cannot be exported, the data can be transferred into the clipboard quickly and easily and saved for later reference.  That this is a free application should not be taken to mean that it is ineffectual or ineffective.  Neither is true, this free download is trusted and accurate.  For the user who struggles to locate the frequently hidden information about connected USB devices that they use, but don't frequently need to troubleshoot, this application can be a time, money and sanity saver.

as easy and convenient as USB ports are to use , they often get confused with each other , it's annoying , it's frustrating and it's hard to figure out . chip genius will do it for you . it's a freeware application , it scans and extract information about your USB devices and it determines which of your USB ports is confused . it resets the ports so that your flash drive or other USB devices can be seen and read , it's easy to use , simple and free try . it you will agree.
Aptly named, ChipGenius for Windows is a great software program! Little to no setup, simple use for all users. It helps people to extract information from their USB devices (Flash drives, etc.) to find details so broken drives can be repaired. You don't even need to install this program! Launch it with just a mere double click and watch the magic happen.
ChipGenious can quickly access your devices and extract information and diagnose issues connected with defective flash drives or keyboards. When using ChipGenius, the chip vendor and specific part numbers, as well as other extracting particulars, can be extracted easily and give you details of devices that Windows cannot. All you need to do is make sure that the USB device you are troubleshooting is connected to your computer and ChipGenius will display the description, processing speed, ID data, and serial number of the device.
ChipGenius is a pretty standard software that has allowed me to identify and confirm either fake or true as advertised flash drives that so many people have sold on Amazon. It performs its job well, and that is to detect and identify the VID and PID. For the flashdrives that are true to what they advertise, this is great. I only wish that the company would be able to to innovate and take their product to the next level and sort out the task of identifying the information of the fake flash drives out there. The software is able to repair the flash drive, but to a limited extent.
Chipgenius will not only extract USB device information, but more importantly, it will find out the correct details they will need to repair their flash drives that are broken. The program gets launched with a very simple double click, which in return means, no installation is required, and we all love that! The interface only has two areas, so that it can keep it simple for all users. If your USB drive is defective, than it really is impossible to use as far as transferring files. Chipgenius will show the USB information and with just one click, the information can be copied to a clipboard and in return, not all is lost!
ChipGenius software for windows is to help the users to extract details pertaining to their USB device. this device helps to fix a flash really works for me to storage my professional details and contents safely. storing a files and details which necessary for the business users and professionals. feels very good by using this software.
This is a USB device information software for all the Windows devices. this helps people decide whether or not the USB is in the computer and shows the device description, and the processing speed as well. It is great for any device that is a PC and it can run in 32 and 64 bit. This software is free and and it has no restrictions too
I thought that my spring break photos from years ago were going to be lost forever! My flash drive was plugged in but wasn't showing up as a device on my computer. A google search led me to ChipGenius and I'm glad it did. I launched ChipGenius, started it up, and was able to see my USB on a list of devices. ChipGenius helped me get a report on the information about my flash drive so it could be repaired (not by me). Super easy application that helped me relax and see I could get to my USB.
I used this software to identify the chip set in my devices. I recommended this because of its cost free software . I liked it due to its biggest data base capacity. Its very unique and gives all details about the device connected to it.
The ChipGenuis does the job well. It works very quickly as you don't even need to install anything to start. Just plug it in! It's great at getting information about your USB so you can troubleshoot some issues or get information that is missing. It seems to have lasted for these last few months. It's a handy purchase for sure.
Chip Genius for windows is a small and portable application program. It is a simple and easy to extract the information from the USB device on PC. This is freeware program. It is a unique software. It is also safe and secure program. It is free to download the software program. It is also a simple program for windows and it doesn't need any installation.
ChipGenius is small and portable application for extracting information from connected USB devices on PC .this software is free to download and user friendly . user interface is easy to access, more fast and easy to understandable application ,so please download it and enjoy well.
ChipGenius is used to display all information related to any device. This software will access and provide information when needed. One of the best benefits of using this software is it does need not to be downloaded - we can activate it by clicking one icon. It displays the information on the computer with the help of a USB. It is easy to use.
I think this software is very useful! You can use this software to help repair and fix problems with plug-in usb devices. You can also check the specifications with plug-in usb devices to diagnose any issue you may have with it. The set-up is very easy to install and you can get down to diagnosing your usb devices within minutes of the install! Again, very useful for troubleshooting usb plug-in devices.
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