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Cider is a third-party Apple Music client that gives PC users an alternative to iTunes and the Apple Music Web Player.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cider Collective

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Last revision: Last week

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Cider is a third-party Apple Music client that gives PC users an alternative to iTunes and the Apple Music Web Player. The software enhances Apple Music in a number of ways, including themes, Chromecast integration, and custom audio settings. Compatibility: Cider is a Windows application that may be downloaded via GitHub, the Microsoft Store, and a few other repositories. It is also compatible with macOS. The bottom result is that Cider offers a strong Apple Music experience that is visually appealing and supports a variety of capabilities not offered by the Apple Music web player. Although the app is still in the alpha development stage, it is a promising Apple Music client that lacks some capabilities that are missed, such as AirPlay support. Highlights: Theme and design assistance that is adaptable support for EQ and normalizing of audio Optimized home page finding content.

The application offers customers the full capability offered by Apple Music via the web app and more. It is completely open-source, quick, and efficient. While the lyrics feature is not available on iTunes or the online app, Cider has full-time-synced lyrics support.

It Should be noted that using this program requires an Apple Music subscription: There is no free tier available for Apple's service. Users must log in using their ApPle credentials when first starting up Cider it is not a streaming service but rather a client that you use to access that specific service. In addition, the interface was created to give customers the Apple Music experience while still seeming sleek and easy to navigate.

Even better, the app includes a Remote Control feature that lets you play, pause, or skip a song from any other device (hey Apple, please add this to Apple Music). Additional features include built-in sharing, and Chromecast integration.


  • Integration of last fm with Discord. Out Of the Box Quicly share and display what you're lisening to to others.
  • Enhancement for audio. Our audio engineer, mailiwi, actively Engineers Audio Spatilization, Adrenaline processor TM, and Equalizers, all of which are readly avaliable.
  • Controllable remotely
its an apple music client, and it is for windows, so i like that, if you are going to try cider for windows you will find out right away if the great piece of software is what you are looking for, it is underground and kind of the long tail thing for getting the job done, but if this is what you are looking for then it should work out for you, you like apple music and you need a windows apple music client, well here it is give this one a try and see if you like the cider client, I did, and I hope they continue to develop it.
Blair Shrestha
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