by Arawak

Flick is a file sharing service at the at the touch of a finger.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arawak

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Flick is a program that allows files of any kind to be shared safely and conveniently with a flick of a finger. The simple software makes sharing files easy and convenient. Don't get caught with embarrassing photos or files again. Flick allows the user to set a piece of data for auto-destruction whenever they want to.

Expand and rotate files with an easy pinch design function to get a better look at the data. Flick provides a layer of security so that only files that the user wants to share and are uploaded to the program can be transferred. Files can be shared between devices via wireless or any device with Bluetooth capabilities. download photos sent to the Flick app to your library for future use.

Sharing files with a group of colleagues has never been so simple, Flick is the answer, it's lightning-fast and secure.

Look like a pro in front of your boss and get on track for that promotion. Flick makes work faster and way more efficient. Microsoft has done it again, another amazing product to help the average person keep up with the ever-increasing flow of information across all platforms. Control and share all of your digital files with a simple little flick of a finger. Customizable backgrounds with a variety of designs allow the app to take on the specific style of the user. 

Flick allows the sharing of files between two devices with a swipe of the finger.

  • Share photos, documents, or contacts
  • Flick is secure and protects important data
  • A convenient way to safely share files
  • Auto destruct sequence for sensitive information

Flick is free and available on all platforms. From IOS and Android to all PC operating systems.

Visit getflick.io to download on most platforms. It can also be found on the Apple and Google Play stores.

If you're looking for a fast, simple and reliable way to share your documents, files, and pictures across any device or operating system, then check out Flick! for Windows. This app makes collaboration with others easy since you can share a file with a single flick, regardless of whether the receiving device is a Windows computer, an Android phone or an Apple tablet.