Clownfish for Skype

by Shark Labs

Translate your Skype messages in real-time, allowing recipients to read messages in their language of choice

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shark Labs

Release: Clownfish for Skype 4.56

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Clownfish for Skype is a program with the primary function of giving users translating functionality. The software can translate incoming messages in a language of your choice, and can also translate sent messages to a recipient. The software also has other functionality tools such as spell-check, or text-to-speech support that improves the use and function of Skype.


  • Allows users to encrypt messages, for added security and privacy.
  • Voice Call recording functionality allows users to record their conversations.
  • Includes a voice changer, which allows users to change the pitch and other aspects of their speech when making a call.
  • Various text to speech tools, for outgoing text messages and incoming messages.

Clownfish for Skype has the primary function of giving users the ability to translate their Skype messages, but also comes with other tools and benefits that improve the usability of Skype, for voice calls and conversations. The ability to record calls and a voice changer would benefit users that want to save conversations or maintain a level of privacy or security when Skype. These tools like other ones offered by the software are a welcome addition to users that frequently use and rely on Skype to converse with others. Many of the features offered by the software are easy to use and are intuitive. Clownfish for Skype can be run and installed on any Windows device that can run Skype and is compatible with multiple versions of Skype. It is not computer resource intensive, and would easily be run alongside Skype without errors or notable slowdowns. The software would benefit a variety of Skype users given the extensive tools and features it offers. With spell check functionality, text-to-speech support, and message encryption the software is an excellent choice for Skype users that focuses on sending and receiving text messages from other users.

The software allows users to easily record voice calls.
Gizem Zambezi
Ability to translate skype messages and video calls into any language is an extraordinary application especially for global companies. Most companies now use Skype for business to communicate between staff members not just locally but even globally, across the world. I can see this tool being very useful in eliminating translator costs and cutting communication time in half by eliminating the need to do live calls with a translator. I love it!
Sam Bird
Clownfish is a tool for use with Skype on Windows 2000 - Windows 10. It supports a wide variety of languages sourced from multiple well developed and trusted search engines. It boasts quality text to speech service, fixed greetings, an Artificial Intelligence talking robot, among other great features. It is constantly being improved upon and updated.
If you chat with a lot of friends on Skype whose first language isn't English, you might find Clownfish for Skype to be a useful tool. This program functions as a translator for any content that you have in Skype, and it will help smooth over any bumps in communication between you and your Skype partner. For example, it has text-to-speech functionality and even offers spell-check.
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