Concept map creator

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IHMC

Release: CmapTools 6.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CmapTools provide an easy, intuitive, user-friendly way to create concept maps. Concept maps are a way of organizing information developed by Joseph Novak. They organize information in an intuitive, map-like way so that the visual representation of the information also helps to convey its meaning. The CmapTools software provides a way for users to create these maps, and also allows them to navigate, share, and even criticize them.

With CmapTools, you can create a concept map right on your personal computer. You can also upload it to CmapTools' CmapServers and distribute it anywhere on the internet. Users can link their Cmaps to Cmaps on other severs and conduct web searches for information that may be relevant to their concept map.

CmapTools is utilized by schools and other educational institutions as well as by government organizations, companies, and even individuals, to give you an idea of how diversely useful this concept-mapping software can be. 


  • Developed as a result of research conducted by the Florida Institute for Human & Machine cognition
  • Completely free software
  • Has servers available for the sharing and linking of created concept maps
  • Servers are integrated across all versions of CmapTools (iPad, CmapTools client, etc.)
  • Can be used to store users' Сmaps in a familiar folder-based format
  • Files on the servers can also be viewed on a standard web browser
  • Сmaps can link to other Сmaps
  • All resources, including Сmaps, videos, and images, are indexed on every server for easy access
  • Has a powerful permissions scheme, so users can carefully delegate who they would like to be allowed to view, edit, annotate, etc. each Сmap
  • Resources can be moved around within the server with no need to update links
  • Available for iPad
CmapTools 6.02 (95.63 MB)
CmapTools 6.03 (96 MB)
Cmap tool is concept ofmapping program from Ihmc in florida. in the documentation there is a heavy emphasison collabrationand sharing of maps. cmaps when use surver software. is very use for windows
I have been looking for the latest nautical charts that I can download on my computer. I found cmaptools for windows and it was free to download. It gives me the latest nautical charts that shows weather updates, charts, maps, points of interests among the many different features I can customize. It's just so cool. I have everything I need.
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