CoffeeCup RSS News Flash

by Coffeecup

Media streaming platform that is easy to use and requires little hard drive space

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Coffeecup

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This great piece of software is bringing new levels of streaming capabilities to all types of users. Whether you are someone who casually wants to stream different types of media or someone leaning more towards the professional side, this software could bring a new level of streaming to you. The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash is the type of media program for Windows that will allow you to stream many types of media adequately.  The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash is available for Windows 98 and has been around for many years.

It was last updated on February 22nd, 2006.  The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash has been downloaded over 800,000 times and it has proven to remain popular over long periods of time.  The current version, which is version 4.5 is the one that was latest updated.  The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash has been available to the public since the year 2005, which is incredible that it has had so many downloads in a period of a year.  Lately, the installations have significantly slowed down, but it remains popular none the less.  One of the main features offered by The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash is that it now requires less storage than before. This feature makes it very competitive when you compare it to other media streaming software packages.  You can have this great piece of software and not load up your hard drive since it requires less storage than ever before.  The CoffeeCup RSS News Flash is only offered in English right now, as developed by CoffeeCup.  This trial version allows you to check out the software package before you commit to purchasing a full version. 


It allows for media streaming without the need for high computing power

- Allows for streaming of many media types

- Easy to use and easy to understand

- It is currently offered in the English language

- Version 4.5 requires much less storage space in your hard drive than ever before.

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