by Matthias Koch

Software solution for building speed on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Matthias Koch

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CPU-Control is a small utility designed to optimize the operation of multi-core processors. In short, you can use this program to assign different processor cores to different processes. For example, you can assign one kernel to work with graphical applications and the other with games. The CPU-Control interface is intuitive - you simply select processes from a list and assign them to the right kernels. The program works in four modes - automatic, manual, and also in modes named CPU1 and CPU2. In the case of automatic mode, CPU-Control assigns a new process to a particular core. CPU1 mode is designed for outdated programs that do not support dual-core processors. CPU-Control can also be used to optimize quad-core processors.

- distribution of tasks between the cores of multi-core processors.

The product description for CPU-control is short but effectively describes what the software service provides. From what I read this software allows you to get the most out of your CPU by being able to manually or automatically (the software) assign different processor cores to different functions. Thus why this product is given the name CPU-Control which I think is perfect. As someone who doesn't know to much about computers it is nice that this service provides an automatic feature. Being able to get the most out of your CPU is important and this software could potentially save you money by not having to upgrade your computer.
CPU-Control is a small yet powerful software solution designed to boost performance of multi-core systems, setting up the processes to run on separate processors
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