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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lejabeach Dot Com Inc

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MMTool is a program that allows you to view and modify the contents of ROM BIOS files. It will be useful only for experienced users who understand the purpose of all BIOS modules and not for the first time "re-firmware" a set of firmware. "Firmware" itself can cause damage to the PC, but if you use incorrect "rums" - it is not. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you think carefully before making any changes.

So, what does MMTool know? First, you can change the appearance of the BIOS menu. And changes can be not only graphical, but also structural. Very useful for those who are not satisfied with the current location of frequently used controls and menu items. For example, if you have to change the bootable media frequently, you can move this option to the start screen to avoid having to dig through the sections and sub-menu items. Unused modules can be removed at all so that they do not "clutter" the BIOS. Deleted modules can be returned only at the next "flashing".

In order to avoid compatibility problems, we recommend using only files from the manufacturer's website. Sections with "Roma" are available on the websites of almost all major motherboard companies. You can download them for free. MMTool itself is also free. In addition, it does not require installation - just unpack the archive and run the executable file.

- allows you to view and modify the contents of ROM files;

- allows you to change the appearance and structure of the BIOS;

- works with the rum of all motherboard manufacturers;

- doesn't require an installation;

- is completely free.

MMtool is the best!It doesn't require an installation and one more exciting is completely free!Who doesn't like free things i mean...The fact that it allows me to view and modify the contents of ROM files,makes me give this app a five freaking stars.I looove this app.
While MMTool is a very useful program, beware: it is not for beginners! If you are not well versed in the workings of ROM BIOS files and modules then you would be better off exploring other options. However, for the experienced user this is a great option that is easy to unpack, easy to use, and best of all, FREE!
The purpose of the feedback mmtools is to collect ,sort, and analyze data accessible.these highest -rated tools to discover the best option for my business.
MMTool is a very specific software designed to add and edit your PC Firmware at any time. This software is only intended for experienced users and bad integration into your device Firmware can cause significant damage to it. With MMTool you can easily change and update the appearance of your BIOS settings menu with both graphical and structural change options. The layout can be completely changed to your liking. At times there are certain options in the BIOS that need to be used several times like changing the bootable media frequently. So this type of an option can be brought forward so that less steps have to be taken in order to access this feature of the BIOS. Easily modify contents of ROM using MMTool anytime!
MMTool for Windows is a fantastic software for those experienced in working with BIOS modules. It allows users to change both the graphics and structure of the BIOS menu. This is such a valuable feature because the ability to customize menus based on what is used most allows users to save time searching and remove unused menu items for a sleeker and more efficient look. This is a user-friendly software for those who already have an understanding of ROM Files and BIOS menus, and the best part is it doesn't require an installation and is completely free! Highly recommend MMTool for Windows!
The MMTool is modify the contents of files. The modification is to be managed safely. It manage the firmware file modules. Here, shown the instructions how to use this software and where it will be modified. I read and using this. So i handled easy and very efficient. But it is used for experienced users. So, we handle it very careful. It manage the rom and bios files which modified.
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