by VirtualDynamicsSoft

A visual interactive tool enabling easy and intuitive learning of Plane Analytic Geometry.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VirtualDynamicsSoft

Release : Curvilinear 1

Antivirus check: passed

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Curvilinear is an interactive and visually intuitive software designed to facilitate learning plane analytic geometry (PAG). This tool is created to conquer the inherent abstraction of PAG, allowing the user to literally "see" mathematics while performing hundreds of operations and problems in a very short time.

One of the main difficulties in learning PAG lies in studying and solving problems from a book. Most of the time, even with the help of a private tutor (provided you can afford one), the number of solved problems remains limited and the understanding of the subject is not always complete. This is where Curvilinear comes into play, offering an effective, enjoyable, and satisfying alternative to learn PAG while solving problems.

  • Easy to use: Users can effortlessly perform hundreds of variations of a given problem with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Data input by keyboard or mouse: Curvilinear processes coordinates (x,y) input by the user either via the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Object selection: When inputting data via the keyboard option, object selection (point, line, circle, etc.) can be made by a mouse click on the object's icon.
  • Data precision: The mouse data input option is very fast, provided data accuracy is not a necessity. Otherwise, it can be slow as it requires a stable hand to control the mouse movement.

With Curvilinear, users can solve hundreds of problems in a very short time, repeatedly, until mastery of the subject is achieved. Additionally, with the option of inputting data using the keyboard, the user can input coordinates (x, y) via the keyboard, which is ideal for solving specific problems. On the other hand, the mouse data input option is perfect for learning PAG, as it allows for intensive practice and familiarization with mathematics and PAG concepts.

Curvilinear streamlines the learning of plane analytic geometry by enabling visual interaction with mathematical concepts.

In conclusion, Curvilinear is a powerful tool that offers a new and improved approach for mastering plane analytic geometry.

1. Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
2. Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
3. RAM: 4GB or more
4. Hard Drive Space: 500MB or more

Facilitates intuitive learning of complex plane analytic geometry.
Option for keyboard or mouse input boosts flexibility.
Enables swift problem-solving for efficient mastery.

Needs a stable hand for accurate mouse data input.
Solving specific problems requires keyboard input.
Lack of comprehensive tutorial for new users.
Curvilinear software is a headache, too confusing to navigate.