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FTP client applications available for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GlobalSCAPE

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Last revision: Last week

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CuteFTP Home is a powerful FTP client designed to transfer files over the ftp protocol. It allows you to upload web pages and any other files to the server, upload data from one server to another, etc. At the same time, the size of transmitted and received files can be any.

In addition, CuteFTP Home allows you to change file names, delete files and folders and edit documents directly on the remote server, using your own internal editor.

In addition to the main features of CuteFTP Home allows the use of macros, has a built-in scheduler and many other useful features.

- efficient, reliable and secure connections and transactions via FTP (FTP over SSL / TLS);

- Upload web pages to your ISP's FTP server for viewing in your web browser;

- Upload working files to the FTP server;

- Upload images to an FTP server;

- upload or download media files;

- Download larger files faster than with a web browser;

- Backup of critical files to the FTP server in case of a system crash and others.

CuteFTP (19.54 MB)
CuteFTP Pro 8.3.2 (8.55 MB)
This is the best FTP tools I have used. But if this program upgrade to "eat" little RAM, it's a God. I'm usually use total Commander for transfer file to my host, when I know this, never use other FTP Apps. Special, Cute FTP very good in SSH transfer. Final, the speed of download / Upload in this application is very very fast. All my friends are using Cute FTP now. Quickly and easily. That's Cute FTP.
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