CyberLink YouCam

by CyberLink Corp

Add special effects to your video conference

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CyberLink Corp

Release: CyberLink YouCam

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cyberlink YouCam is a software that allows its user to augment their video conferencing experience. The software includes interesting backgrounds, filters, and clip art. The app features over 200 different effects. The quality of the effects varies and some of the filters and frames look jarring and superimposed. For those who do not want cartoonish effects, but do want to look better in the video, You Cam has a beautification feature that corrects lighting and reduces the effects of blemishes and uneven skin tone. This software is compatible with laptops and desktops but works best on an iPad. YouCam is also compatible with most major messaging software. This program also has a sleek, user-friendly interface. Individuals can share videos via email or upload them to YouTube directly from the YouCam interface. This app also allows the user to record their desktop, which could be useful for tutorials and presentations. YouCam also lets users draw in the video. One of the video effects is a face-blur which can be used to increase user privacy.

Some cons of this software: It makes boot times of the PC a little slower. It is fairly pricy compared to other video conferencing and editing programs. Some users also report that certain features of the program may be missed if the user does not take the time to sufficiently explore the features.


This software includes security features
  • Has a presentation mode that is compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Has built-in video surveillance features 
  • Includes Face Login: a technology that unlocks a PC via facial recognition. This is useful because the user will have to remember fewer passwords.
  • New Interface with augmented reality technology

This software is pretty fun and is a good tool for making video chatting more interesting and can also be used to make professional conferencing and presentations stand out. 

I think this software is interesting. Having the ability to alter your appearance during video conference, can be beneficial in certain ways. Even in a more professional setting, sometimes you just do not look your best or may be sick or something. Being able to make yourself look nice makes a positive impression and could be useful. Overall, I like the software, and think that there is probably a market for it.
In reading about the CyberLink YouCam, I thought there were some interesting and innovative features for this product. However, I feel that the consumer base for this type of product would be rather small. It would appeal to those who are very into graphics and creating videos for work or personal use. Given it's high price, I don't think most people would think that it's worth purchasing. I did note that it had a five star rating, so I imagine it's high quality. Perhaps offering different variations with less features and a lower price would make it more marketable to a wider base. Overall, a good product, just to specific and expensive.
Ethan Griego
Finally a software that can pull all of my video calling programs to one place! this makes my day so much easier. Managing my meetings and my kids conferences all accessible from one page and everything runs smooth makes this my new favorite software!
CyberLink YouCam has allowed me to take advantage of the best features of my webcam, since it has the best special special effects, filters and options to improve my power point presentations and my photos. For example I have been able to use the freehand tool to apply all my creativity to the photos and that they are impressive.
CyberLink YouCam for Windows is quite simply one of the best webcam software available in the market for streamers, home and business users. There are more webcam effects like animated emojis, video effect filters, skin smoothing and lighting and AR makeup. You can bring your videos to life and have an edge while sharing your Cyberlink YouCam edited videos on social media. This tool is super useful if you work on video imaging processing and it offers a very robust solution for a very competitive price. Buy it, you will not regret it!!
A product of CyberLink,this software is generally compatible with windows 7 64 bit,Windows 8 64 bit,windows 10 64 bit.It conveys the functionality of a complete live video studio for the users webcam.It encompasses at least 200 fun effects for video recording and chats,a full set of video screen capture tools let alone face beautifier tools.The software is also advantageous as it offers efficient and easy to use tools eg face logins and surveillance.A user can always make it fancy with scenes and frames and in addition can also liven things up with filters,distortions and particles.If one wishes,then youcam allows its users to automatically enhance videos thus creating a captivating experience.
One of the best webcam chat and editing tool and available for augmented Reality More Number of filter and Special effects available But, Some Filters did't work Correctly
YouCam seems to be a great fit for someone who stream. This product also have many features to assist in not only talking with viewers with cute emojis, but also engage with them on live. YouCam also seem to offer lighting options and ways to tweak your edits in videos in live time. YouCam also come at a decent affordable pricing regardless of it being on sale or not. Most people who are in the vlogging lifestyle would benefit more having this then not having. YouCam seems to quality edits without the costing a pretty penny.
If you're looking for a way to spice up your video calls and have a little more fun with them, then you must check out CyberLink YouCam for Windows. This program lets you make the most out of your webcam by giving you options for enhanced special effects. It also lets you add enhancements to PowerPoint presentations and even allows you to modify photos.
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