Streamlabs OBS

by General Workings Inc.

A free broadcasting platform to livestream content.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: General Workings Inc.

Release: Streamlabs OBS 0.20.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Streamlabs OBS is a platform for streaming where you can easily stream your content and have it take up less space on your PC. There are thousands of streamers that can be found streaming on this website and some have been doing so since 2014. Stream labs are free to use and can be used on Windows PC's. It can also be used with Twitch and Youtube Chats. Streamlabs makes it easier for content creators to live to stream their content within a matter of seconds. It helps reduce your CPU usage by combining up to four different windows into one all into the live stream. It has the options to use facemasks on your videos. It also has many different features such as adding a sponsor banner to your videos where it can be linked to your merch, for example, so that fans can be easily directed to your merch site. It also includes a feature called the tip jar and with it, you can get your audience to play a fun game and engage with your video while they provide you with tips for the content you create. Your viewers can also share videos or songs with you after they donate and creators can choose to share this media to their live stream. There is also a Donation Ticker feature that allows you to acknowledge the viewers who donate the most to the creator's channel and it motivates others to also donate to the creator. 


  • You can use face masks in your videos
  • The set up is easy and you can go live in one minute
  • Four screens into one
  • Two times better video encoding

In conclusion, this software is superior to others because you have the ability to combine multiple screens into one and have the power to stream in a matter of seconds. It also keeps you more connected to your audience and makes it easy for them to donate to your channel. This is a trusted streaming platform and has been being used by many big named streamers for years. 

Streamlabs is better because you can save CPU storage by combining 4 screens into 1.


Must have Windows 7+

free to use 

Streamlabs OBS is one of the best application software tools which is used for desktop streaming. Desktop streaming is one of the best features which allows us to use the Windows desktop as useful methods. This application software tool gives permission to chatting, video editing and other useful accessing methods.This application software tool is getting regular updates for better performances in future. This application software tool which is applicable for all Windows Operating Systems.
its an streaming platform for you tube, and Facebook, one good thing in this software can download the streaming videos with high quality , this is the best feature its describes , the software abilities stream all the videos in a one page with high speed , it takes the internet advantage, and make use of the streaming in the best video quality, highly recommended for the video lovers, make try this out
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