LG PC Suite

by LG Electronics

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LG Electronics

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41781

LG PC Suite is a proprietary software program designed to control smartphones and tablets of the respective Korean manufacturer. As well as other similar programs, this solution allows you to work comfortably with the music library, section with video, telephone book, notes, calendar and so on. The design of the program is very similar to that in iTunes, but conceptually LG PC Suite is not like the solution from Apple. It's much easier to work with partitions, and there's no need to presync data between the portable device and the PC.

The program can work both with devices connected via USB-cable and connected via Wi-Fi access point. In both cases, the client provides fast file transfer speeds. By the way, the application also works perfectly with "batch" operations, be it mass import of contacts or copying of multimedia data. LG PC Suite also allows you to backup and restore all data at any time, as well as transfer information from the old device to the new one. Together with the program itself, all the necessary drivers are installed on the PC, so all you have to do is connect the device and start working.

- Management of portable devices from LG;

- allows you to back up all your data on your phone and tablet;

- works with devices connected via Wi-Fi and USB cable;

- allows you to share music, videos, contacts, notes and other content between devices;

- installs everything necessary for the driver to work.

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