Debut Video Capture Software

by NCH Software

Record anything on your screen at any time

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Software

Release: Debut Video Capture Software 5.42

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41009

Debut Video Capture software allows you to record anything on your screen at any time, whether it's your webcam, your screen, or a simple program that you want to record, it's easy to use and specializes in recording specific things on your screen that you want to be recorded. It allows you to record a camera that's on a specific IP address too, so you can record a stream or video on a different computer that's not next to you, it's a very unique software that most people might not know about that could benefit from. This software lets you record your WEBCAM and screen at the same time! so if you're maybe making a project for yourself or for school and you need to record yourself and the screen at the same time you can do this with this software. You also have the ability to caption your video and webcams, so if you want to make a specific caption for your recording you can do that as well if you desire. You can also adjust the color options of the screen as well, you can make it darker or brighter depending on what your desires and choices are. It works on all platforms, so windows or MAC and you won't have any issues with those either, it's completely intuitive software that you or your loved ones can make use of.


  • easy to use
  • Record your camera
  • record your entire screen
  • Convert to specific files

The conclusion is that you can simply benefit from this software if you like to record your screen a lot or your webcam, it allows you to do both at the same time so it's a very handy software to have on deck when you need to make use of something like this, it's simply great!

Records your screen and webcam

Jim Engrow (unverified)
Debut is nothing new and the features can be found in most other screen capture software tools, but I enjoy this option because of the lightweight design. Satisfying a simple purpose with a feature rich set of options are the main reasons I choose Debut over something like Teamspeak
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