Express Scribe Pro Edition

by NCH Software

A well designed digital audio transcription software for the use of professional transcriptionists.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Software

Release: Express Scribe Pro Edition 8.06

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91016

Express Scribe is a professional level audio software for Windows which is well designed for the transcriptionists to help them transcribe audio recordings.

It has an Amazing UI with Foot Pedal Controller. Its unique design and feature help transcriptionists to transcribe easily. It will surely save time.


it is better for its unique Foot Pedal Controller or keyboard controller with ‘hot keys’ feature.

Express Scribe has lots of extra features that will make the task much easier. For example,

  • It has hotkeys for things like pausing, rewinding and speeding up the recording. Moreover, a mouse-free playback.
  • it is more compatible with the work style, hook up hand and foot pedal controller.
  • It has Variable speed playback. 
  • It can handle audio and video playback.
  • It Plays most of the audio file formats like WAV, MP3, AU, AIF, VOX, DCT, Windows Media, VoiceIt (SRI), Olympus, Sony Recorder formats (MSV, DVF), 
  • Philips Digital Recorder, Sanyo Digital Recorder, GSM 6.10, MP2, PCM, uLaw, ALaw, ADPCM, CE and including encrypted files.
  • It includes its own Dock feature both analog and digital portable voice recorders to load recordings.
  • It Automatically receives files and sends them back to speed up work time.
  • When transcriptions have finished, It automatically sends to the clients from the Software.
  • It Supports professional USB foot pedals to control playback.
  • It Works with speech recognition software like as Dragon Naturally Speaking. It can automatically convert speech to text.
  • It can automatically load new dictations found in the specified path, which helps to speed up the work-flow and reduce the time for transcription.
  • It supports Microsoft Word and all major word-processors.
  • It can collabs with FastFox text expander for entering medical/legal phrases and common phrases with keyboard shortcuts.

Express Scribe Pro has been designed to improve the transcription turn-around time and increase the productivity with

its unique feature foot pedal controller. it makes transcription easy. It's a must-have tool for all the transcribers.

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