by Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov

Allows you making a second-monitor out of almost any device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov

Release : Deskreen 1.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

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Deskreen, more or less, consists of a utility tool that helps you monitor your current PC screen on different devices. It is similar to just simple screen-splitting practice or just having a second monitor, but this time it can be used almost anywhere. To add to the advantage count, the app itself is also cross-platform, meaning it can be used both from Windows, Linux, and MacOS PCs and the other way around if these are installed on the secondary gadgets. Deskreen is fairly easy to set up, as well as its settings being pretty basic, while still enabling simple customization.

The program works mainly via a WiFi connection set between the two devices, it also implies the speed of the data transfer depends on your internet quality. The connection per se is protected by end-to-end encryption, which can also be a significant factor for all people concerned about their internet presence or their information being leaked. The picture quality of the screen can also be influenced via settings adjustments, as well as limiting the display of the monitor to only one instance. Devs also share an example video to help you figure out the setup process.


  • Minimalistic interface design, in which exists a crystal-clear navigation around the program
  • Multiple devices can be connected at once or, if needed, limited to only a certain amount
  • Flip screen for a teleprompter features, creating room for even more possibilities 
  • QR-scan system to make establishing the connection fast and uncomplicated
  • Information on both devices' IP, browser, as well as a session ID

To finish all of this up, Deskreen is a rather simplistic app in its nature, not to say it's not useful or something, but it would more likely seem that the program serves one straightforward goal, and to say the least - it accomplishes it fairly well. Screen-sharing can be very beneficial in many fields, both work-related or simply for everyday personal use, the fact remains that it, to this day, continues to be just as neat.

Deskreen as a software choice focuses on turning your devices into working monitors, which are capable of showing you the screen and interacting with it
- Requires a device with a web browser
- Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux OS
- No additional software installation needed
- Free disk space for installation

Supports multi-device and operating system compatibility.
Provides screen sharing without installing extra software.
Free, open-source and enhances workspace productivity.

Limited resolution settings can compromise display quality.
Lags reported during live screen sharing.
No dedicated customer support, relying on community help.
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