Epson Connect Printer Setup

by Epson America Inc

A configuration tool for Epson printers with many modes of printing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Epson America Inc

Release : Epson Connect Printer Setup 1.43

Antivirus check: passed

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To say that the overall utility usefulness level provided by apps like Epson Connect Printer Setup is big or great would honestly be an understatement, as usually programs like those center around one (of a few) features and simply add something on top of it to support the user. To start talking about ECPS specifically it should be first mentioned that it is a network-reliant or cloud-based, feature-extending printing solution that works off multiple data sources which can be imported at any time. It may seem a little outdated on the surface, and though there is some truth to that overall the utility still holds up just fine to this day.

So, practically it uses either Google Drive or Dropbox to operate (though other services synergize well, too) and it automatically chooses printing mode for proper print of selected images, text, or any other form of media you need printed. The installation process is fairly fast and simple and can be easily done on multiple systems if used in workforce. It can also be just as easily connected to mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, and Apple (iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc) ones too. There isn't much left to say about the connection speed cause it just relies on your upload and download speed but something worth mentioning is the output quality of the image.


  • High speed of the printing process
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Highly lightweight and can be handled across multiple devices
  • Can be connected wirelessly and by wire
  • Scanning feature
  • Email, attachments, image printing
  • Cloud-integration
  • Safe imported data and features like password-locking to ensure a protected environment
  • A plethora of printing modes, designed for either economy printing, fast or high-quality printing, and some more specific ones

There are actually some other things worthy of pointing out but generally, we hope you got the picture of what this application consists of. ECPS is a great utility if you seek those of Epson printers and can be integrated greatly both into personal use and everyday work life.  

Epson Connect Printer Setup is an utility program made to provide extra functionality to connected printers, also having lots of features and modes attributed to said printing
Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
Supports Wi-Fi connectivity
Ability to install and select printer drivers automatically

Intuitive interface simplifies the printer setup process.
Supports wireless and remote printing.
Automatically selects suitable driver for smooth setup.

Limited troubleshooting guidance for software-related issues.
Might not support older Epson printer models.
Requires regular updates for optimal performance.
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