Website Downloader

by Glenn Alcott

It is a tool to download either a landing page or a website for free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Glenn Alcott

Release : Website Downloader 3

Antivirus check: passed

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Website Downloader proves an efficient source for Windows users to download an entire website for offline viewing from the Internet to your local directory. This free, powerful tool builds the website's directory with HTML, images, and files from the server to the user's computer. Because of the convenience this tool brings, the website's link structure will remain the same after downloading. With a user-friendly interface, you can view your offline website in just a few clicks.

In a short time, you can access the offline version of your website with no repetition, scripting, or exact words. You can explore the entire site by clicking on the links one by one. It will save a lot of your time with access to the site's information you need in no time. The tool is a great way to save your information for a long run.


  • It is free software that mirrors your website offline.
  • Because of the user-friendly interface, you can open an offline page of your website just by clicking on the link.
  • You can view any of the images, documents, or files from your website without being online.
  • The reliable features of this software allow you to save either a page or an entire website.
  • The software supports customized features that allow users to include or exclude files based on size, type, and other factors.
  • It is completely safe and secure to download an entire file using the Website Downloader.
  • You have the opportunity to update the existing mirrored site or resume the interrupted downloads.

If your website goes down or starts making errors, you can lose your data online. The offline viewing and editing feature of this tool will help you save all your data offline so you can easily access it when needed. It is also helpful if you want to test some changes on your website.

The customization is easy to follow, but if you are having issues, you can go with the default settings. Website Downloader is compatible with Windows versions 200 to 10. Downloading and installing the software is easy, after which you can set up your first project.

Website Downloader is an offline browser utility that downloads an entire website or a landing page from the Internet to a local directory.
1. Operating System: Windows, MacOS or Linux.
2. Requires stable internet connection for initial download.
3. Minimum 2GB RAM for optimal performance.
4. At least 1GB of hard drive space.

Allows downloading entire websites for offline usage.
Advanced filtering tools to customize downloads.
Automatically updates downloaded website content.

May not download dynamic or server-side content accurately.
Risk of violating copyright laws by downloading entire websites.
Potentially large storage requirements for downloading comprehensive sites.
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