AdBlocker Ultimate


An AdBlocker edition that includes all the features needed for ad blocking and more

Operating system: Windows


Release : AdBlocker Ultimate stable

Antivirus check: passed

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AdBlocker, an ultimate ad-blocking software it may seem, but here comes an Ultimate edition of it! So, what does it really provide and how does it combat the so unneeded ads? In short - it does, and more if you need some extra features (which you *will* need in most cases) if we speak about it. Firstly, it has a great algorithm for pointing out and terminating any ad that may pop up on your computer while you use it. Secondly, it does take personal data and information safety matters seriously, having detailed privacy/security settings that allow you to properly protect and guard your privacy level, including cookies, imported credentials, etc.

The overall utility this solution hands over is composed in a comprehensible way, having a simple but effective interface, basic customizability options, certain site blocking (and whole categories if needed), and whitelist configuration. A whitelist is actually pretty helpful if you are open or in direct need of allowing only certain ads to be displayed at all, being able to edit the format and type of those when desired. The application comes in the form of either a full-on Chrome Addon or a separate program that operates just as easily and well as the first one mentioned.


AdBlocker Ultimate is a great version of said AdBlocker software, having the basic functionality of the app and more, specifically an advanced ad-blocking technology, privacy protection, and others
  • Easy-to-use interface with slick design
  • Effective ad-banning 
  • Whitelisting option to optimize the selected ad displaying and more
  • Allows for banning of certain webpages to terminate them automatically if they ever come up
  • Censoring/deletion of spam, video, overlay, pop-up, and almost any other type of ad or bloatware-bait you might think of
  • Increased browsing effectiveness and speed

These are basically most of the good things this software possesses, though obviously AdBlocker Ultimate has got a few minutes here and there, but nothing too critical in most cases. In summary, AB Ultimate is a great choice for people searching quality (and free at that) ad-blocking solution, coming off as highly intuitive, easily-operatable, and just a great overall program to back up your internet activity as a whole.

Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.
Supports blocking all types of ads including video ads, pop-ups, banners.
Allows customization of filters and website whitelist.
Requires frequent updates for optimal function.

Blocks all ads, including video and pop-up ads.
Offers privacy protection by blocking trackers.
Comes with frequent filter list updates.

Lacks a mobile version for smartphones and tablets.
Some legitimate website content occasionally gets blocked.
Occasional performance issues with page loading speed.
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