by Shahrier Emon

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shahrier Emon

Last revision: Last week

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dirLock is a program that allows you to restrict access to folders with personal files. I'm sure everyone on the computer has data that isn't meant for strangers' eyes. Instead of hiding them in system folders or "packing" them into password archives, you can use this simple and easy-to-use program. dirLock adds "Lock/Unlock" to the Windows Explorer context menu. It is responsible for adding and removing a folder from the protected list. Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose "custom" passwords for each directory. The program uses a single "master password", which will need to be specified immediately after its installation is complete. Note that there is no mechanism for recovering forgotten passwords in dirLock. So remember him well, or better yet, write him down.

So, after you restrict access to a folder, no other user who does not know the password will be able to view its contents. Each time he tries, he will receive a message about the lack of access rights. To open a folder, you will need to open the context menu and use the previously mentioned item "Lock/Unlock". After that, dirLock itself will start and offer to specify a password. You can disable the "Lock/Unlock" item in the program settings. In this case, you can access the folder only from the dirLock interface.

The full list of protected directories is displayed in the main program window. There you will also find the keys responsible for mass locking/unlocking them.

- Secure access to one or more folders with a single master password;

- Integration into Windows Explorer;

- Lack of password recovery mechanism;

- display the full list of protected folders in the main program window;

- mass blocking/unlocking of folders by means of the corresponding item in the context menu;

- a simple interface.

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