DjVu Browser Plug-in

by Cuminas Corporation

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cuminas Corporation

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93068

DjVu Browser Plug-in is an add-on for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that allows you to open .DJVU and .DJV files directly in your browser.

We would like to remind you that DjVu is the closest competitor of the PDF format intended for storing and compressing scanned documents and texts, in which it is necessary to keep the original formatting unchanged on any platform. One of the main distinguishing features of the déjà vu format is the degree of compression, which makes the file noticeably smaller than the PDF when it is of equal quality.

Opening a document in the browser window you can view it, browse pages, zoom in and out, use a ruler, rotate the document by 90 degrees, and save or print an open file.

After installing the plugin, when you first launch Internet Explorer will ask you to enable or ignore the new plugin; for Google Chrome, the extension is available through the Chrome Web Store.

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