Dota 2 Changer

by Dota 2 Changer

Online multiplayer combat arena game

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dota 2 Changer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dota 2 Changer - a program that allows you to change the appearance of characters in Dota 2. It doesn't mean that you can get new things and sets for heroes with it. In fact, it simply replaces the model files on the computer, so that the user could put on the characters for free paid things from the Dota 2 store and not only. The developer of the program assures that you will not get an account lockout if you use the Dota 2 Changer. No such precedents have indeed been noticed, but we still recommend using the program at your own risk. For such purposes, a "spare" account, which is available to many players, will be perfect.

The main drawback of Dota 2 Changer is that the changed character models will only be seen by you. You can't brag about a beautiful set in front of your friends. Other players and new ability effects that change with things of Immortal quality (again, unlike the user) will not be seen.

In addition to the fact that Dota 2 Changer allows you to put on the character for free many paid things from the store, it offers a set of things from craftsmen, which are not represented in the market. Some of these things are borrowed from Dota 2 Workshop, and some are real "exclusive". To view the latter, go to the section "Unofficial things". We assure you that you will find there a lot of interesting things. The software itself is free of charge. But if you want, you can support the developer by paying "Premium". All the advantages of a paid subscription can be found in the section of the program with the same name.

- Changes the models of the characters in Dota 2, allowing them to put on paid items from the store;

- the changes made are only seen by the player himself;

- makes it possible to use things that are not represented in the Dota 2 shop and workshop;

- is fully compatible with Dota 2 Reborn;

- is available completely free of charge.

I love this tool! The exclusive content that comes with the DOTA 2 Changer is really cool, and the expanded ability to customize your player models is exactly what I've been looking for for as long as I've played this game. This tool enables you to try out paid items from the store, and enjoy the cool cosmetic items for free before making a decision to buy them, which I think is exactly what the game needs. Best of all, the Changer is free, and compatible with DOTA Reborn!
Dota 2 Changer for Windows lets you transform the characters' appearance in Dota 2. It does not let you customize however you want. Instead, it will give you the options which you usually need to pay for. This may be a fun option for a heavy Dota 2 player.
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