Dragon UnPACKer

by Dragon Software

A comprehensive and efficient application gives you the power to open game archives and resource files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dragon Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dragon UnPACKer is a real find for gamers. The program allows you to look into the "insides" of game files and pull out of them individual data, such as music, videos or pictures.

In addition, some Dragon UnPACKer game files can be converted to more common formats.

At the moment the program supports more than 80 games, and their list is constantly updated.

Not really sure why you would need a game unpacker , but if the need for it . it might just be a good investment for those who like to go a bit further than just actively playing games. The fact that you can pull data, music and pictures from the program might be the only thing a small bit interesting to myself. so if i had to rate this program it would be a 2 out of 10
Dragon UnPACKer is used primarily by gamers. The software lets you peer into the "insides" of game files. You can then pull out individual data. For example you can pull music, videos or pictures out of your game. You can also convert some of the Dragon UnPACKer game files into more common formats.
Dragon UnPACKer is perfect for gamers. Mainly, what the program does is allow you to pull out the "mechanics" of the game...the music, videos, and pictures...and look inside of them. You can convert some of the game files into more common formats. Let's be real, this is for serious gamers who want to know their games, inside and out.
Dragon UnPacker for Windows is an excellent game archive unpacking tool. Easy to use. Allows you to preview before unpacking which is super helpful. Users a Windows explorer like design. Also allows for search and ID feature from unknown files, very helpful. Easy to use.
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