EarMaster Pro

by EarMaster Aps

Provides users with an easy-to-follow tutorial into the world of music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EarMaster Aps

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EarMaster Pro is a collection of interactive exercises for the development and training of musical hearing. It will also help you learn to read and tone notes more quickly and accurately. There are two ready-made courses in it: "standard" and "jazz", the purpose of which is not difficult to understand from the title. It is also possible to prepare exercises on your own, taking into account your own desires, the amount of free time and your own hearing.

The exercises in EarMaster Pro are divided into four categories: "intervals", "chords and hands", "rhythm" and "melody". The process of performing different types of exercises is almost identical and consists in choosing the right answer after listening to a note or a piece of music. A little more complicated are the exercises related to singing. They'll have to be done with a tutor. Generally speaking, EarMaster Pro is an excellent assistant for the teacher, but it is more focused on "self-taught".

You can do the exercises for a while. You don't usually need to give 100% correct answers for a successful completion. Generally speaking, you can assign the acceptable percentage of errors yourself, but the program initially contains the recommended values (most often in the range of 10-20%). The standard course, which includes more than 400 lessons, requires you to follow the timetable. According to the developers, the gradual implementation of exercises at a convenient time for the user will not bring the desired result. That's why it is necessary to study according to the mentioned system, dedicating daily about 40 minutes to the course.

- helps to develop and train musical ears through interactive exercises;

- offers standard and jazz courses;

- allows you to prepare your own exercises of the selected type "from scratch";

- is oriented towards self-study, but can be used as an assistant tutor;

- The program interface, documentation and prompts are fully translated into Russian.

nice to see old school software there i am surprised to see winamp because i used this software in my windows XP in 2005 so now i will always choose this site for softwares.
A music theory trainer for all musicians who want to get better skills, from beginner level to very advanced
Ear Master pro is a software that helps to train your ears. Ear Master provides best support for the music learners. It is best classified in three phases namely - Ear training, sight-singing practice and rhythm training. It also contains general beginner's courses, general and jazz workshops. It also includes some customized training exercises. This software helps to train music students for the theory exams. This software is built with the help from the thousands of people in the music field.
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