Belarc Advisor

by Belarc

Get a complete overview of your computer contents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Belarc

Release : Belarc Advisor 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Belarc Advisor keeps all of the information on your computer or computers organized and in one place.


  • Belarc Advisor will run on all popular browsers and many more.
  • Belarc Advisor works with all current operating systems as well as some of the older versions.
  • The program is free for personal use and can be licensed for certain charities.
  • Keeps your information out of the servers and save on your own computer.

Belarc is a US company based out of Maynard, MA.  If you are looking for safe and easy to use the program, Belarc Advisor is the one.  Belarc is used by many large and well-known entities including the US Marines and the FAA.  Belarc is also a member of the Center for Internet Security or CIS.  This allows Belarc customers the ability to monitor things such as:

They allow certain charities the ability to obtain a license at no charge in certain circumstances.

Hardware, identifying both authorized and unauthorized hardware.

Software, identifying both authorized and unauthorized software.

Vulnerabilities, monitoring both on-premise and cloud-based, for products offering cloud storage, system environments for any vulnerabilities.

The Belarc Advisor keeps all your information out of the cloud and instead creates a local web page that will show you the information you need.  The file itself is very small and fast to download and easy to use, even by someone who is not overly computer savvy.

The webpage you are presented with is easy to understand and very informative.  Belarc Advisor allows you to keep a very close watch on your computers inner workings as well giving you the ability to find general computer information you might need all in one spot.  One negative I have found is the web page it provides does seem to have a bit of advertising that is sprinkled throughout, but it is not overly invasive.

Overall I think the product is very useful and would highly recommend to anyone regardless of their computer skills.

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Giovanni Perottino

Interesting program, but a major concern of mine is the privacy matter. I like that it can keep data organized for me, but I am curious to know if you can mark/set which types of information you can organize, maybe exclude browsing data. A service like this is also unnecessary because you can already create a server on your computer without this service.
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Belarc Advisor is a very helpful tool. It runs on all of the popular browsers. It is a free program for personal use that keeps your information out of the servers and save on your own computer. I protects your computer from unauthorized hardware and software.
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Fraser Kimble

a windows computer software for the windows browser.
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Belarc Advisor provides a concise yet deep analyse and detail of software and hardware on your computer. The analysis on hardware is used on array of components such as the Random Access Memory, Central Processing Unit, etc showing useful information for a computer geek like me such as the temperature, clock speed and memory remaining. For software, the program shows interesting information like anti-virus status and missing Microsoft products. In conclusion, this is a handy analytical piece of software.
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Want to know complete details about the software installed in your systems and its hardware capabilities including the antivirus status and other functionalities? Belarc Advisor for windows provides you the detailed report of the software and hardware of your computer in a secure and reliable way without sharing your information to anyone. This is an excellent tool to use if you are creating a backup before rebooting your system.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner

It's like hiring someone to do inventory on your PC. Nice to be able to see everything. Really love this.
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Belarc Advisor for Windows is a software that is only for your private use it creates a very detailed profile of your computer hardware and software, skipping security configurations and then it shows the results in a web browser
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Belarc Advisor for Windows provides an efficient, centralized way to help you remember what you have installed on your computer network. It provides a complete profile of your installed hardware and software and gives you a strong, complete insight on network inventory, security updates and benchmarks and antivirus status, displaying all this important information right in your Web browser! It was ideal for me and stopped my struggle with managing my computer network. I wholeheartedly recommend Belarc Advisor for Windows!
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Using this product gave me a great deal of information about the little configurations and specifications for my device. It provided in great details my user profiles that listed all the software installed and hardware connected to it. It helps me manage my system better and with much ease by notifying me of any security updates needing to be installed, and by checking to make sure basic security options, like firewalls, are active.
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Isaac L*******b

The Belarc Advisor is a free software program that builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
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Blair Garroutte

Belarc Advisor is a comprehensive system tool that provides detailed information about your computer's hardware and software components. I have used it on several occasions and I can recommend it as a reliable and easy to use system tool. It is great for quickly checking the installed software, hardware configuration and system updates. The scan is fast, accurate and provides a detailed overview of the system. It is also great for troubleshooting as it provides detailed information about the system. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. It also provides a detailed security report which is great for making sure your system is secure. Overall, Belarc Advisor is a great tool for getting detailed information about your system.
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Cole R.

Belarc Advisor is an easy-to-use software that can quickly provide a comprehensive assessment of your computer's hardware and software. It's especially useful for quickly diagnosing any software or hardware issues you may be having. The interface is simple and the reports are comprehensive and easy to read. I found it especially helpful that it automatically updates itself and provides a very detailed list of all software installed on the computer. It is a great tool for technical professionals, as well as the average user.
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