Elden Ring FPS Unlocker and more

by uberhalit

Using this user-friendly program, enhance your overall Elden Ring experience by removing the frame rate restriction or changing the field of vision.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: uberhalit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Additionally, the game's current maximum frame rate is 60. Although the latter may be standard for console and PC games and contribute to device standardisation, it goes without saying that players are not really pleased with it.With a few minor adjustments here and there, you can eliminate the frame rate cap with the tiny utility known as Elden Ring FPS Unlocker and more.All the features are included in the program's simple, one-window interface, so all you have to do is check the boxes for each one before pressing the Patch the game button. You can vary the field of vision, add widescreen support, turn off Runes loss or death, and change the game's speed in addition to removing the frame rate cap. Future updates will include more functionality.

The app must be started every time you wish to play the game because, According to the developer, it simply modifies RAM patches and does not alter game files. You must confirm that the AntiCheat is not active and the game is in offline mode, as stated in the UI. Additionally, you might need to change your graphic configuration, namely to disable VSYNC in the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings.It's critical that you follow the developer's instructions and recognise the tool's limits.

A little C# tool to change Elden Ring's frame rate limit, FOV (Field of View), add widescreen support, tweak Game Speed, and other game settings. Soon, more features! While a game is running, memory patches are applied; no game files are changed. Works with all game versions (both legal and illegal Steam versions), and ought to function with all upcoming upgrades. Make sure your monitor can display widescreen content, for instance, if you choose that option. In addition, the game has forced VSYNC, making unlocking useless, therefore your monitor must support greater than 60 Hz.If you enjoy playing the most recent game produced by FromSoftware, Inc. but believe you can improve the gaming experience, you might want to give Elden Ring FPS Unlocker and other tools a try.

Elden Ring has been quite unreliable when it first came out, especially for PC gamers who have complained of stuttering, FPS reductions, and general graphical instability.

  • frame rate liberation (remove FPS limit)
  • remove the fullscreen's mandated 60 Hertz (Hz) limit
  • expand or shrink the field of vision (FOV)
  • prevent the camera's automatic rotation after a movement (intended for mouse users
  • Add support for widescreen monitors, disable camera centred on lock-on if there is no target
  • works with both unpacked, illegal versions as well as legitimate, unaltered Steam versions
  • does not alter any game files; only RAM patches
Jacob Q.
Elden Ring FPS Unlocker is a utility designed to unlock the game's frame rate cap and enable higher frame rates. It was designed to make the game more accessible to a wider range of players, and can be used to improve the game's performance on older hardware. The software also includes additional features such as resolution scaling, dynamic resolution scaling, and more.
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