Eleven Rack

by Avid Technology, Inc

A recording interface and effects box for guitarists

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Avid Technology, Inc

Release: Eleven Rack 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Eleven Rack lets you record audio and make effects with the companion hardware.


  • Lets you configure the hardware purchased separately easily
  • The software's G. U. I. has a mildly steep learning curve but is incredibly feature packed.
  • Has thousands of presets from their site and other sites
  • You can change different aspects of settings with the G. U. I. easily
  • Free download

Even though the program requires the installation of separate drivers which some musicians may not be skilled enough to do, this program has a stellar amount of features for free. It will not work without the hardware, but if you own the hardware, this isĀ the program to use with it. You must register to download it, which I must assume is not necessary and to gather data on consumers, which is negative. It also requires a 64-bit operating system, which means while most new computers are compatible, some older or laptop computers will not be compatible; however, considering how expensive the hardware is, most consumers will be able to use this software. It seems to be for a wide range of careers, from the audio post and mixing to sports, video editing, and music, but considering its musician-oriented software features, I'd say most consumers will be musicians or audio engineers. It requires Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, which will encompass the vast majority of consumers; however, a small percentage may still be running Windows Vista or Windows XP, meaning they will be incompatible. The software, however, seems to be updated very rarely, with the last update being from 2016. I understand not fixing what's not broken, but after 3 years there's bound to be some requested features or updates. It only got a total of 6 updates in its lifetime, which is quite on the low side. It does have a large number of plugins and presets, and a lot of gifts included with the purchase of the hardware.

It is the free companion to the Eleven Rack

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