by Zarasoft

Transmits radio programs to listeners with the help of other streaming programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zarasoft

Release: ZaraRadio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ZaraRadi (for Windows), which was created by Kero Systems S.L., is a free software program that transmits radio programs to those who download it but is not meant for live streaming online content. While it is not meant for streaming online content, it can be used to stream online content by taking a few additional steps and downloading additional content. There are other streaming programs that are required in order to enable online streaming. One must add extra audio software in order to record everything. One option of extra software to download is Audacity. ZaraRadio (for Windows) comes with audio tweaking tools and cleverly has the ability to connect with other radios. ZaraRadio can be used to help connect two radios through one of two ways: via line-in or over the internet. Users who download this software are provided the tools to create their own playlists, radio stations, jingles, events, temperature and humidity (TTH) announcements, and a sweepers editor with overlapping voice tracking and even time. These tools and features are all beneficial to those from the novice radio listener to the radio broadcaster professional.


  • ZaraRadio transmits radio programs (such as pre-recorded audio, music, and commercials).
  • This software can also connect with other radios by connecting via line-in or over the internet.
  • Comes with different tools in order to help create, but is not limited to: jingles, radio stations, playlists sweepers editor with overlapping voice tracking, and temperature and humidity announcements.
  • Can add extra audio features when the user is on-air.

In conclusion, this modern software is not only beneficial but vital to any radio listener or radio broadcaster. There are many features and most importantly, the software is free. While it cannot be used to stream online content by itself, another simple download (like Audacity) and this software have the ability. The sky is the limit when it comes to the tools to create with this software. The opportunities are endless.

One key benefit is that this software is great for broadcasting radio and it is better because it is free software.
ZaraRadio 1.6.1 (3.44 MB)
ZaraRadio (3.41 MB)
Jamie Crow
Interested in getting into the Streaming business? Becoming a Twitch guru? Then the next first step for you should be to go for ZaraRadio, which is a great gateway software to get you started right where you want to be at!
Kyle Dykes
very good website! I like the template and thought it was easy to navigate. Good colors used, looks very professional and uses good icons and tabs to get its point across.
I love the fact that ZaraRadio is completely free, It also utilizes automation of songs. It works with other auto streaming platforms, It is an all in one solution with fantastic potential. I love this product. I recommend it to someone who is looking for a all in one solution.
i was purchasing the software product in the most improved company, there was very low prize and quality is the best at company so all the peoples are going to the company, then use the methods is the high level one, we are purchasing the software product. the windows can be the most power full on the product it s the main functional methods using the culture.
ZaraStudio is software that is commonly used to automate radio stations. This is one of the useful tools for supermarkets and coffee shops. The latest version is Zarastudio 3. This is compatible with windows voice 7 till 10 and for both 32 and 64 bits. Any sound card which is compatible with windows is supported by Zarastudio. This software can work 24/7 for 365 days. Below are some common features supported by Zarastudio:- • supports all common audio formats • can handle up to six sound cards at the same time • crossfade • DTMF tone detection • auditor • random music programming • voice tracking • automatic gain control • instant audio player
I love using ZaraRadio for Windows because it's a program that makes it a cinch to build out a radio station on an automated basis. It's perfect for those times when you want to create a soundtrack for your store lobby or your coffee shop. It also helps cut back on commercials so you can focus more on the songs and radio audio.
If you are a fan of the radio, the ZaraRadio for Windows is for you. This program especially helps businesses that play music throughout the day. This radio helps organize all of your stations and even gives you the function to run as many as six cards at once.
I love using ZaraRadio for Windows because it's a program that lets me tune into all of my favorite radio programs. I also like that I can use it to make my own radio programs. They always sound really legitimate and professional because ZaraRadio has built-in audio and commercials that you can take advantage of when you're recording or streaming your own shows.
ZaraRadi (for Windows), which was made by Kero Frameworks S.L., could be a free computer program program that transmits radio programs to those who download it but isn't implied for live spilling online substance. Whereas it isn't implied for streaming online content, it can be utilized to stream online substance by taking a number of extra steps and downloading extra substance. There are other spilling programs that are required in arrange to empower online spilling. One must include additional sound computer program in arrange to record everything. One alternative of extra computer program to download is Daringness. ZaraRadio (for Windows) comes with sound tweaking apparatuses and cleverly has the capacity to associate with other radios. ZaraRadio can be used to assist interface two radios through one of two ways: by means of line-in or over the web. Clients who download this program are given the apparatuses to form their possess playlists, radio stations, jingles, occasions, temperature and stickiness (TTH) declarations
I have been using ZaraRadio since many years now It is the best software for broadcasting and saving music playlist for auto play It has timer button and also assignable button for jingles it display current song playing and which is coming next
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