Audio Router

by WinCore

Allows you to different audio output depending on different applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WinCore

Release: Audio Router 0.10.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Audio Router for Windows is an application that allows you to select a specific output for different apps. It is a free downloadable program that does not take space on your computer while being a one-stop shop for audio settings on all your programs.


  • It can be used while running two different applications at once.
  • It does not need to be installed to your computer, it can be downloaded and extracted from a zip file.
  • Can change the volume levels for different programs and will save those settings.
  • Can remember if you want to use speakers or headphones for specific apps.

There are other programs available like VoiceMeter Banana or CheVolume, but the interface for AudioRouter is the most simple and straight forward to use. It is a portable program that can be used on different devices, so it does not need to be re-downloaded several times for different devices, nor does it take any precious computer storage space. It will allow a computer user to play a video game while browsing music at the same time while being able to control the specific audios for each application. If one is too overbearing, it can easily be fixed, while allowing the user to still enjoy both applications at the same time. It will also allow you to play one application through your headphones while using a different one through your speakers. If you want to personally be listening to something, others in your room will still be able to experience audio for a different application at the same time, while not being too overbearing. It also works for Bluetooth-compatible speakers and any type of audio hardware. When downloaded for Windows, it gives you control that VLC Player or Windows Media Player do not offer, the two default programs for Windows computers.

It is a portable app that you don't need to install on your computer
This is a great program that solves a lot of problems for me. It is simple to use, does not make a lot of demands on your system, and saves the settings for different applications. I have come to rely on this program a lot, and it's free!
This is a really helpful product for people that like to multitask on their computer. If you like to play video games and listen to music at the same time it will control the volume for both applications. This is something that I would be interested in installing on my computer.
Harrison Daniel
This software has allowed me to route my audio so that i could have the volume of the sounds that i wanted to hear at the correct volume. it was super easy to install. i watched an introductory video and was able to navigate the controls very easily.
I think Audio Router for Windows is beneficial in helping me make music. The usage of the software allows me to transfer audio to a digital audio workstation, or DAW, and work with it in various ways. For example, I can put effects on the audio, as well as combine audios from different outputs into one cohesive mix. This allows me to have more options in creating audios and music than ever before.
This particular router amazes me. It allows you to control and transfer audio through multiple streams and devices. It gives the user all control over the transfer of audio.
This is a fairly useful software especially with some programs that do not let you reroute audio. Unfortunately some windows programs may be dated or limited and may not allow you to customize your sound output device. Thankful there is a solution as this program allows full customization in regards to how you want to output your sound. It's truly a lifesaver for people who like projecting sounds to external speakers, projectors, or even smart home devices
Audio Router allows you to choose the different audio output for different apps. My friend suggest me this software which helps in different ways at a time. with the help of this we can use both music on headphones and speaker at a same time. it is such a user friendly software. anyone can use this.Mainly it is very much useful those who are addicted in music.
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Audio Router which is used for route the audio from any windows application to digital audio workstation application which is giving you the control of system's audio. If the system can't choose the default application for playing audio in that case audio router is used for play that file, for playing the file need a audio router. Audio router which is used to different audio output depending on the different applications. This application is used to create complex audio graphs with different input types such as microphone, audio speech, can choose the different effect using equalizer to route the audio as your wish.
A pretty helpful tool for moving audio devices and programs. This can simplify all of your work especially when recording and producing music. My friend uses this and swear by it, it seems a bit complicated for me but i can imagine it would be easy to learn once you give it some time. I like the options it gives you too and seems diverse
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