by MAMP GmbH

A local server utility software, having multiple utility components built-in

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAMP GmbH

Release : MAMP 5.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

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Ultimately, every developer, commercial worker, or just a personal computer user at some point in his use of solutions like MySQL, Nginx, PHP code, Cache, and other website construction tools thought - Hey, maybe there would be a way of combining all of them in one place. Well, applications like MAMP focus on doing exactly that and it is safe to say that the so-called solution stacks are doing a marvelous job of saving time and the users' nerves. So, MAMP, what does it really have to offer? To start off, support for cloud, as well as easy syncing between the devices. The syncing can also happen between different platforms, so both Windows and Mac.

Second, it provides all the basic open-source development instruments like web servers of Apache, Nginx, for database management MySQL, and as for software packages - PHP (and Apache, too). These are not the only ones included, of course, having some more Extras for you to use long-term. The software excels at providing high-quality all-in-one solutions for database and content management systems, such as Drupal or WordPress. The hosting is also made easy due to the built-in menu placed close to all the other installations. 


MAMP is a multi-solution software containing many toolsets on board, like for example MySQL, Apache, and others
  • Easy control over all the aforementioned programs, mainly by utilizing stuff like PHPMyAdmin and other admin tools
  • Great and to-the-point interface with only the needed details
  • Few languages to choose from, if needed
  • Fast control over the website state and some on-time editing abilities
  • Basic cross-platforming and cloud support

Now, we wouldn't dare call MAMP an advanced tool in some serious manner. Moreover, it doesn't really pose itself as one if you think about it. It is preferred as a first thing to install on either a fresh operating system or a tool for simply syncing your website data and being able to manage it freely. It kind of lacks in some places, mainly more specific software that focuses on providing some peculiar solution, but generally, MAMP does bring some genuine basis for you to lean onto during the development.

- Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
- Intel processor
- Minimum 2 GB of memory
- 200 MB free disk space

Installs a local server environment automatically.
Offers complete system separation for safe use.
Easy to use with an intuitive graphical interface.

Limited to Mac users, doesn't support other operating systems.
Setup can be complex for beginners in server environment setup.
Free version lacks some advanced features of MAMP Pro.
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