by Federico Terzi

With this text-expander tool, you may type faster by having it recognise certain keywords and replace them with appropriate content or run custom scripts.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Federico Terzi

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The cross-platform text-expander software Espanso was created particularly utilizing the Rust programming language, and it will enable users to save a significant amount of time and real characters when typing.It can improve productivity and overall text organization and formatting by extending typical phrases when detecting certain terms. Espanso's detection functions are immediately activated as users start apps with text input functionality. The software will stop detection when closing the aforementioned programs and stay in standby mode, accessible from the tray.

It is necessary to utilise tools to increase productivity while working with big amounts of text data and often entering strings. These specialized programs, like espanso, will automatically identify certain keywords and either extend them with phrases, scripts, or other pertinent information or replace them entirely.

Depending on the text editor or program used, which supports text input, one will be able to write system-wide code snippets or run bespoke scripts. Emojis are now available, allowing users to input them as needed. Users will be able to boost their productivity on several levels thanks to espanso's ability to be incorporated into the shell and its compatibility with the majority of standard programs. We invite you to give it a try and provide feedback on our website. The rest of our users will benefit greatly from this! Windows 10 and later are required for Espanso. The program is only available in English and is currently at version 0.4.1.

Extensions and customizable commands are supported by Espanso. The "Date" extension is used in the previously described Date sample. The "type" command followed by the extension's specific syntax can be used to set an extension. Â You may use a Shell Command for that in the third part of the YML text. Â You may create commands that can be used with the Command Prompt, PowerShell, and other shells by utilizing the Shell extension. The Script extension of the program is used to run supplied scripts. The program is created in Rust, Mozilla's C++ substitute.

If you need to enter words and phrases rapidly, Espanso is a quick and simple tool to utilize. I don't think BeefText's built-in variables are user-friendly when it comes to variables; simply right-click and choose the one you want to use. On the other hand, the former allows for the creation of unique variables.


  • Reduce typing time by extending popular phrases.
  • Systematically produce code snippets.
  • Run customized scripts.
  • Emojis are used expertly.

YAML files are used by Espanso to handle configuration. The ability to seamlessly transfer your settings between computers using Git or cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive is only one benefit of this. Your operating system determines where the Espanso folder, which contains all of Espanso's settings, is located. Run the following command in a terminal to quickly identify the location of your configuration folder

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