by Diggernaut LLC

A tool for creating web-scraping configurations through point-and-click operations.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Diggernaut LLC

Release : Excavator 1.0.11

Antivirus check: passed

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Excavator is a powerful cloud-based tool that enables data extraction, web data retrieval, and performs various tasks during the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) process. This software is especially useful when you are reselling products and your suppliers don't allow you access to their data in a usable format like Excel or CSV. In these cases, you have to manually gather information from their website.

By using Excavator, you can create a 'digger', a small robot that carries out web data retrieval tasks for you. The digger extracts information from websites, normalizes it, and saves it in the cloud. When your digger has finished its work, you can download the extracted data in various formats such as CSV, XLS, JSON, or even retrieve it using the REST API.

  • Automated web data extraction
  • Data normalization
  • Data storage in the cloud
  • Support for multiple data formats for download
  • REST API to retrieve your data

If you are not a programmer, you can use Excavator to build the configuration for your scrapers. It's a user-friendly tool where you select the data you want to extract and define the structure of your output data. We have video tutorials that explain how to use it on our test site.

Excavator automates and simplifies the extraction, normalization, and storage of data from websites.

On the other hand, if you are a web developer or programmer, you can use the meta-language to configure your digger. This way, you can tackle complex data extraction tasks. We have comprehensive documentation on the meta-language that will help you get familiar with this feature; additionally, we have several blog posts where we show how you can use different meta-language functions to address various real-world situations.

Minimum 4GB RAM required
Stable internet connection for cloud-based data storage
Supports various data formats including CSV, XLS, JSON
Compatible with REST API to retrieve data

Simplifies complex data extraction tasks
Supports multiple data download formats
Allows automated web data extraction

Steep learning curve for non-programmer users.
Limited customer support options available.
Inefficiently handles complex data extraction tasks.
A Java tool for replacing specified chunks of text between two files.
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