Extreme Picture Finder

by Extreme Internet Software

Search the internet, find and save full-size pictures or thumbnails to your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Extreme Internet Software

Release: Extreme Picture Finder 3.42.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The extreme picture finder allows you to search the web for pictures. It is fast and accurate and takes the work out of locating pictures. You can search using either thumbnails or full images, and it will automatically find the product that you are looking for. This product has a new capability to download music and other files directly from its built-in database. This makes searching easy and fun and fast. As you enter a keyword, it will search from its built-in database and find the picture or file or video that you are searching for. It has many features and options for the user. You can choose from full size or thumbnails to save to your computer.

This product is different because it can scan websites for your picture and deliver it to you in multiple formats. This product means that you do not have to worry about how to format your image or problems that may come with formatting. It will find and format for the user. This program allows you to find pictures, music, videos from your favorite artist, or anything else you are looking for on the world wide web. This program has a built-in spider for detecting the product you are looking for without the hassle of formatting. After the program finds your image, song, the video, you can save it for later quick and easy. The extreme picture finder will also allow you to exclude names and URLs to make your search more accurate. Setting downloading limits will also let you get what song, video, picture, link, or file in no time flat.

Overall this product is easy to use and only cost under $40 and gives you what you are looking for easy and quick.

This software is good because it is fast and consistent.

  • View and download files
  • Build-in database
  • Download music 
  • Download files
  • Real photo time preview


Ian Paterson
Extreme Picture Finder makes it quicker and more efficient to find a specific picture online. It allows users to find pictures from music videos, or pictures from all around the world. This program also allows the user to format the found picture in any way possible.
this is awesome! being able to find pictures specifically that i am looking for without having to filter through a large amount of non related stuff saves so much time. this could help me out is so many areas of my life.
Extreme Picture Finder is a software product that allows users to easily locate and highlight specific images. It allows the search for media images from the web, is easy and simple to use and is free. It is a premier photo gallery software that holds everything in one place as you edit your photo gallery. This is not only recommended for photographers but also anyone who wants to organize and find new images.
Arran Howerton
Extreme Picture Finder for Windows is software that is used to finding images on the web. It is worth the download if you want a strong alternative to web searches image search. Based on the review that I read it is a free to try and pay to buy deal. I guess these developers rate their hard work and believe they deserve to be paid for it and I concur with them. Am I going out of my way to buy software for this function? Heck no.
Downloading the images on the websites with this app quickly and automatically. This built in-app will be able to download not only images but also Music, video, and other files. For me, the user interface is quite simple so everyone can use it easily. I think I can use it for free in the full version feature like its ad.
Calum T.
Extreme Picture Finder is a powerful software program that allows you to quickly find and download images from web sites. It enables you to search and download images from any website, as well as download entire galleries of images in one click. The program's advanced features, such as multi-threaded downloading, built-in image viewer and thumbnail preview, make it an indispensible tool for any web surfer. The program is easy to use, with a friendly user interface and extensive help file.
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