by kaedinger

A child-friendly browser allowing parents to control website access, daily usage and executable programs.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kaedinger

Release : Feuersalamander 2.5

Antivirus check: passed

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Feuersalamander is a kid-friendly web browser that gives parents complete control over possible activities. It enables parents to set up approved websites, authorized executables, and a daily usage quota for secure usage by children. In addition, Feuersalamander includes a child-friendly favorites manager.

Feuersalamander is designed to be the simplest browser to use. There is no address bar (for children) that triggers a Google search. The setup is encrypted and locked by the parent's password. There are no pop-up windows or new windows. There is only one active page at any given time. Any new windows that open are treated as regular links.

  • Smart White List: Parents decide which sites are safe. They can also "blindly trust" certain sites, so that all pages linked to these sites are also allowed.
  • Bookmarks: Children can manage their own bookmarks with small icons.
  • One-Click Child Safety Control: Complete control over the child's computer account. With a single click, potentially dangerous activities are eliminated, and the computer will only run what the parents have authorized.
  • Time Quota Control: It's easy to specify the maximum time a child can spend on the computer. After reaching the limit, the computer switches off, and a new connection is only possible the next day.
  • Executables: Installed software can also be accessed via bookmarks. Therefore, parents can allow email or specific games - all within the framework of child safety.

Feuersalamander also allows exporting and importing of approved sites and bookmarks, making the exchange with friends or parents easier. Of course, only parents can import approved sites. There are no monthly fees like with many other children's browsers, and only the one-click child safety functionality comes at a very affordable price.

Feuersalamander offers a secure browsing environment for children with parental controls over internet usage and access.

All of these features are available without having to install anything, even on an account with limited user rights. Just run it, and the computer is secure for the family.

Windows OS 7 or higher
At least 512MB RAM
50MB free disk space for installation
Internet connection

Allows complete parental control over online activities
User-friendly with child-friendly favorites manager
No monthly fees, affordable one-click safety functionality

Limited interface may be too simplistic for older children.
Lacks advanced features like ad-blocking or content filtering.
No built-in search engine for safe, curated searches.
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