by Guerrilla Programming

Fast and safe browser for easy searching with high download speed

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Guerrilla Programming

Release : Chedot 6

Antivirus check: passed

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Now to start the summary of all of this off, Chedot structures itself as an alternative to more commonly used browser choices like Firefox, Chrome, Bing (though probably not if you consider it), and others. To say that Chedot is straight up better or worse wouldn't be just right 'cause both Chedot and its similar applications have their pluses and minuses. To list a few is a relatively high download speed, basic configuration/customization options, offering not gargantuan but a pretty amount of various settings and customizability-related utility to be adjusted later on, integrated VPN tool and antivirus, too.

A downloader also takes place, collective for all media-type files, so practically YouTube videos with their corresponding file available for download directly from the browser. To accommodate this it also provides a simple download manager for anything being downloaded now, or later, to be managed and operated with ease. The abovementioned VPN is built-in, too, meaning that you can safely and carelessly travel the internet space with faster speed, while also not being tracked by anything geo-related, while simultaneously having your IP safe and protected from malicious individuals.


Chedot is a simple and straightforward browser with some common (yet effective) features, also having built-in antivirus, download options and more
  • Screen capturing instruments, making cropping and editing a fairly uncomplicated process that couples down to just selecting the tool and using it properly
  • Inbuilt VPN with some basic internet safety functionality
  • Some customizability options to help you find the best way of dealing with browsing
  • Quick-access screen for apps like YouTube, Instagram, and others to be placed right on the first page to be accessed at a click
  • Download manager

Now we could really cut it at that but unfortunately there are also some problems like first tab not closing for some reason, as well as having no options of unpinning said windows. 

Windows Operating System required
Internet connection for browsing
Adequate system memory for optimal performance

Offers fast and efficient web browsing experience.
Includes built-in tools for enhanced functionality.
Prioritizes user privacy and data security.

Lacks cross-platform support, only compatible with Windows.
Users report frequent crashes and bugs.
No mobile version available.
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