by Ablaze

An innovative interior and exterior design tool with extensive furniture customization, 3D model import, and auto-upgrade features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ablaze

Release : Floorp 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Floorp software is a powerful design tool offering a broad array of features for arranging and decorating the interior and exterior spaces of your home. With a catalogue of over 1000 items across 34 diverse categories, Floorp enables you to place furniture in a parametric manner, meaning you have the ability to create your own unique furniture models.

Revolutionize your home's design by altering the number of drawers in a chest, the number of doors on a fridge, the number of legs on a desk, and so much more. Another essential feature of Floorp is its capacity to automatically recognize areas. Thus, when you enter the dimensions of a wall, the space is automatically identified.

  • Parametric Furniture Placement: Craft your own unique furniture.
  • Importation of 3D Model Files: New pieces can be added to your library with compatible file formats such as dwg, obj, 3ds, ifc, igs, iges, stp, step.
  • Auto Zone Recognition: Simplify your design process with this automated feature.
  • Diverse Viewing Options: Supports wireframe, hidden line, flat, shading and rendering modes.
  • Plugins: Broaden your user experience with an array of plugins.

With Floorp, you can also import 3D model files to add new elements to your library. File formats such as dwg, obj, 3ds, ifc, igs, iges, stp, step are all compatible with the software. Moreover, all your creations can be viewed from various angles and modes, including wireframe, hidden line, flat, shading, and rendering. There's even the option to view sections of your designs using the cropping function.

Floorp software revolutionizes home design by offering unparalleled customization in furniture placement and arrangement.

Furthermore, Floorp is extendable through the use of various plugins, allowing for added functionality and enhancing the software's usage. To top it all off, Floorp offers an automatic upgrade feature, ensuring you always have the most recent and high-performing version of the software. In a nutshell, Floorp is the ultimate design tool that encompasses all the essential features for successful indoor and outdoor arrangement.

OS: Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.13 or newer
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
RAM: Minimum 8GB
Graphics: Compatible with dwg, obj, 3ds, ifc, igs, iges, stp, step formats

Allows for creation of unique furniture models.
Auto-recognition of areas simplifies design process.
Supports diverse viewing options and file formats.

Requires advanced knowledge for optimal use.
Not beginner-friendly; steep learning curve.
Add-on plugins can be expensive.
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