by matthewr545

A free graphing calculator to plot mathematical or trigonometric functions.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: matthewr545

Release : Photon 0.4

Antivirus check: passed

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To handle complex graphs and equations simultaneously, you need an online graphing calculator that can perform all mathematical or science operations comfortably. Photon is a free graphing calculator that you can use to plot mathematical or trigonometric functions. You can use it for general arithmetic, complex numbers, vectors, integer arithmetic, and multiple other equations. It is equipped with a feature-rich design with multiple display options so you can get optimal visibility from a projector.

Apart from the much-needed graphing, Photon can also plot first and second derivatives, matrix math, or degree/radian mode. You can also draw log and semi-log graphing using this highly efficient software. 3D graphing is also possible, so you can accurately compute different complex equations with just a few clicks. For instance, you can plot slope fields, evaluate finite sums, or access the fast unit conversion and molar mass calculation. Everything is in one centralized database.


  • A fully functional scientific calculator to handle simultaneous equations, graphs, and trigonometric functions.
  • It allows you to plot parametric or polar graphs and find roots and points of inflection.
  • Sequential graphing allows you to evaluate and plot different functions using a single value of X. You can also plot slope fields and see plotted solutions
  • It calculates expressions with the standard order of operations and is used to plot mathematical functions.
  • You can manually type any function into the calculator and plot them using your mouse around each function.
  • It is highly portable and works on all kinds of devices, including Windows, Mac, and Android.

The advanced functionalities include the built-in example mathematical functions so you can calculate vectors and complex operations. Photon supports three different modes of work, including degrees, radians, and fractions. The fraction mode displays fractions, simplified square roots, and factors of pi. The best thing is you can export the plotted functions into different image formats such as the most common PNG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, and TXT.

Photon has a wide selection of built-in functions that can be typed into the calculator to plot vector fields and calculate line integrals.
1. Operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux
2. High-end graphic card for 3D rendering
3. Support for common 3D data file formats

High-quality rendering for realistic images.
Compatible with multiple operating systems.
User-friendly and customizable interface.

Lacks some advanced image editing features.
May be overwhelming for complete beginners.
Processing speed can be slow on older hardware.
Fast and safe browser for easy searching with high download speed
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