FileHippo App Manager

by FileHippo

A free software updater that scans your computer for outdated software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FileHippo

Release: FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FileHippo App Manager is a free software program that searches your computer for old and outdated software. It does so by comparing what you have downloaded on your computer against's catalog of freeware programs. You are then able to remove the old software and upload the most recent version to your own computer directly from the FileHippo program. This means that the program will upload the new files without having to go to another program or website; it just does it "in-house." The file update and download process are all customizable. This includes options on how the FileHippo App Manager displays your current versions of programs and the available versions of your program from their database, along with what order your files that are available to be updated are displayed. You can see as many or as little updates or current releases within your results page as you desire. And you can devise personal and custom folders within the FileHippo App Manager so the program can search other sources for updated files, in addition to the application's database. The FileHippo App Manager is simple to set-up and manages for any level of a computer user. You have the ability to schedule checks for updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame. This allows you to set up downloads automatically without you having to do anything. Once you have scheduled what you want to be scheduled, you more or less can forget about it. The installation of the program is quick with minimal download size, meaning fast downloads. And the application supports countless programs, including beta versions. While you are not able to download in batches, you do have the ability to set the Download & Run option, which will download each program individually and immediately start using them once they are completed.

Keeps your software files up to date!

  • Is accessible for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000
  • "In-house" updates using Download & Run button within the FileHippo App Manager for immediate download
  • Displays the current version of a program on your computer, alongside the most recent updated version available through the application including how long ago that updated version was created
  • You have the ability to organize and sort the files in the FileHippo Update Manager as you decide, whether that be by the oldest programs that require an update, alphabetically, or by type
  • You can set up the names on your results page in FileHippo to show all, none, or some of the files that are available to be updated on your computer

Requires Windows, nothing older than Windows 2000

FileHippo App Manager is a program that mines your device for any software that's out of date. It will then match up that software against the freeware that's available at its own site, and gives you the option to update the out-of-date software with the freeware. It's easy to use because you can update all the programs without even exiting out of FileHippo.
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