by Kingosoft Technology Ltd.

Optimize and manage your Android device storage with KingoRoot

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingosoft Technology Ltd.

Release: KingoRoot 4.0.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Android phones run on Linux, and managing the apps (installing, deleting, and modifying) may be a non-trivial issue. Numerous apps came with the phone in a factory set condition that users may never use. Some versions of apps are sometimes far more favorable and easier to use than other versions that users may wish to choose a specific version. All these can be carried out quickly in a program called KingoRoot for Windows. 

KingoRoot is released by the company Kingo Software under freeware licensing, and its latest patch happened in March 2020. It runs only on Windows operation systems (later versions than Windows XP) and is still maintained by a software team at KingoRoot. It takes up only a modest amount of hard drive space (< 10 MB), supports different languages, and can be directly downloaded from the KingoRoot website.

There are numerous advantages to using this program. First of all, the program was designed in an easy-to-use and intuitive fashion so that users can manage their phone apps without great effort. It gives the users administrative level management permission, allowing for installing, removing, and modifying apps on your phone. This also lets users block unwanted ads and optimize phone performance by preventing unnecessary app usage, hence, improving on the battery life. In addition, with KingoRoot, you may back up and update your phone with simple steps.

Managing an android phone poses various challenges due to the degree of permission users are given. Software like KingoRoot bypasses this issue and gives full control of your phone performance. KingoRoot is a very simple and user-friendly software that comes with various useful advantages.

Allows users to streamline their android device by means of rooting

  • Simple and intuitive easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Allows for rooting android phone with simple steps
  • Allows users to manage the phone at the highest administrative level
  • Other features include ads blocking and optimizing phone performance.
  • Allows users to back up phone data
I have been a dedicated fan of Kingo Root for Windows ever since I got my Android phone. Using this tool, I'm able to connect and root my Android phone directly to my PC with ease. I know I can trust that the tool won't introduce any kind of virus or malware to either of my devices. I also like that rooting allows me to optimize the performance of my device.
I purchased a new laptop with a lot of space so i could save all my projects directly to my hard drive. When i initially booted up my laptop i found that half of my 4TB's were occupied by pre installed software. I installed KingoRoot pretty quickly and was able to regain most of that space back by deleting all that pre installed software. The program is simple to use, just select all the programs that you dont plan on ever using, kingoroot will uninstall them for you. It's a pretty basic program that's not bloated with features, very user friendly
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