Financial Calculator

by bdshahab

A versatile, customizable tool for precision financial calculations in multiple languages.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: bdshahab

Release : Financial Calculator 4

Antivirus check: passed

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This software is a financial calculator designed to function on any computer device, irrespective of screen resolution. Users simply need to install Java 1.8 (Java 8) or a newer version to be able to use it. This software was developed specifically to offer computation accuracy beyond that of traditional programs.

The financial calculator software comes with a feature of displaying large numbers without resorting to exponential form. It also has a multilingual translation option, making it accessible to an international audience. The official languages of the software are English and Persian, but it is possible to create translation files in any other language.

  • The ability to change the font style and size, choosing from those installed on your device.
  • All parts of the software can be customized with a color of your choice.
  • The option to save the calculation result in a text file or store it in the software's database, which is displayed at the top of each section.
  • The software contains 11 different sections for 11 different types of financial calculations.

This software, therefore, is a robust and versatile financial tool that offers a range of features to cater to a wide array of financial calculation needs. Whether it's complex computations or simply keeping records of precise calculations, this software has the necessary features to do it efficiently and accurately.

The Financial Calculator software ensures precise, customizable and diverse financial calculations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Generally, the financial calculator software is a comprehensive solution for all your financial needs. Whether you're a finance professional looking for a complete financial calculation tool, or just someone who needs to perform precise financial calculations from time to-time, this software is an excellent choice.

1. Requires Java 1.8 or newer version installed.
2. Compatible with any screen resolution.
3. Capable of handling large number calculations.

Offers precise and complex financial calculations.
Appeals to international audience with multilingual translation option.
Customizable interface with adjustable font and color settings.

Requires Java 1.8 or newer version to function.
Only officially supports English and Persian.
Does not have built-in exponential form.
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