FL Studio

by Image Line Software

Digital audio workstation which have a graphical user interface.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Image Line Software

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4109

This product can be used as a complete package for the quality music. In this one can compose, arrange, edit, record, mix and master their music and they need not buy different software for different tasks. This one software will provide all the features and the best part is that it works with both Windows and MacOS.


  • It helps in sequencing all the elements and then produce a music, which is kind of cost-effective also as one need not buy separate software for the separate tasks.
  • It supports all VST Standards which gives the widest and wisest range of plugins and this software itself can be used as a VST plugin in another VST host.
  • With FL Studio one is ready to create any style according to their desire as it covers 80 automation and effect plugin which covers almost everything.
  • With this software, one can easily mix and match their music to match the highest professional standards of music. One is able to create today's most complex productions which include almost everything.

This software is best who want to create the best music with minimum use of different types of other software. It is like a complete package for those who want to create a pattern based music sequencer.

It is a pattern based music sequencer and it also be used as VST instrument in other audio stations.

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