by NextUp Technologies

Turn computer text, such as Microsoft Word files into audible sound

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NextUp Technologies

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TextAloud is the premier text-to-speech program. It is a high-quality program that differs from the default text-to-speech program that is available in most OS that comes packaged with your computer. It provides a natural-sounding English voice as well as multiple other languages that can be purchased for your benefit.


  • Converts text from web pages, text files, and Microsoft word into natural English so that you can have it read back to you.
  • Reads those files to you in an audible format, so that you can listen to your text files or web pages as you exercise, drive and do other activities
  • Allows for the purchase of over 29 languages for you to use
  • Also allows for the purchase of multiple natural-sounding English voices for you to choose from of different dialects.
  • Excellent tool for helping people with dyslexia to improve reading and comprehending by listening to text while viewing it.
  • TextAloud also is an excellent tool for proofreading your documents.
  • Comes with extensions built into Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge which will which can speak any selected text.

In conclusion, TextAloud is a versatile and reliable program for converting your general text (web pages, text files, web documents) into an audible format. If you're busy or on the go with not much time to read or if you're just doing tough cram sessions, TextAloud can help you very well in completing these tasks and learning. Its main selling point is its ability to help you multiple tasks and focus on a variety of subjects simultaneously. TextAloud has been developed for many years with the feedback of a strong user base of loyal costumers, meaning it is optimized for your pleasure to be as easeful as an experience for you to use as possible. This helpful product will definitely provide a boon to your productivity.

It can save you time while you do other activities (exercise, eating, driving) to listen to your text files.

System Requirements:

  • Win Vista 7/8/10
  • 500 MHz ram
  • 256 MB ram
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Sound Card
TextAloud 2.321 (3.41 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.35 (17.89 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.55 (18.41 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.74 (21.47 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.76 (21.59 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.94 (22.01 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.96 (21.98 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.100 (21.98 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.104 (22.16 MB)
TextAloud 3.0.108 (22.18 MB)
This software has been very effective from text to speech and is very helpful for a family member of mine who is blind and uses speech as primary method for learning. The software is very easy to use and can be used in a variety of languages and with a variety of softwares. It is nice being able to use text to speech and I also use it as a study tool for my college work.
TextAloud for Windows is a piece of software that lets you turn pieces of text written on the computer into an audio file. It works great if you want to listen to a long piece of text instead of simply reading it.
If you're dyslexic or have speech problems, you should definitely check out TextAloud for Windows. This software program will let you easily convert text into speech that sounds totally natural. Whether you want to convert a file for your business, an email to a friend, or your favorite webpage, you can use TextAloud. It also works across a large number of languages and you can even customize your accent. Finally, it highlights words to help optimize your reading abilities and even proofreads for you.
This software allows the computer's user to change written words on the screen into audible talking. This talking can be modified to different, natural-sounding voices. The sound of the natural voices can be listened to audibly, or save in the well known MP3 audio format. The software seems useful for computer users with accessibility issues, such as those who have hearing difficulties. The natural sound of the voices may be more pleasant than the normal monotone voices normally associated with computer voices.
TextAloud is one of the popular application tools which is used for text to speech conversion tool. We can convert any types of text-based documents on both offline and online into speech-based audio files. Audio can be saved as audio files also, this feature helps many people worked in media. This application tool transfers any website page, electronic mail, or text-based documents into a clear quality audio files and transfer it to media files with good streaming.
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