Sonic Visualiser

by Centre for Digital Music

Better than other music editing and visualizing software out currently

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Centre for Digital Music

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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To me, when I think of music programs available right now on the internet, the most prominent, and the first one that comes to mind for me is Audacity. I'd been a user of that program for a while, and it quickly became a pain. It would always crash, I had to look up tutorials for every small thing because the program was just so cluttered and hard to navigate that I'd find myself lost a lot of the times. Because I thought it was the best free program available for download, I figured I should just get used to dealing with it and all of its pros and cons. However, I was wrong. I never knew about Sonic Visualiser. Once I heard about it, it seemed too good to be true. A music app that was easy to use didn't crash and was free? It almost seemed like a prank. Upon downloading it, though, I was so relieved. It was all it was cracked up to be and more. Once I got to use it, I couldn't believe I had never heard of it before, and couldn't fathom why anyone would use any other program when this one exists. It's never let me down. Never crashes, and it's much easier to use than previous applications I've used in the past. I couldn't ask for more from it.  


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Virus-free
  • Reliable

In conclusion, this software is much better and much, much easier to use than other programs for music viewing and editing. The most prominent editing software to come to mind is Audacity, which is an absolute pain to use, what with the constant crashing and total non-user-friendly interface. Luckily, Sonic Visualiser comes to the rescue. It's a very user-friendly app that all musicologists should be familiar with. 

Never crashes, and it's much easier to use than previous programs I've used in the past!
It has the same function as Adobe Audition with the ability to support users to record and edit music from live source or audio file inserted. In addition, the software also fully supports all audio editing effects, splitting, joining files, splitting sound karaoke creation ... and exporting edited files in many suitable high quality audio formats. with user demand on specific device selected by user
Reece Jeffery
Sonic Visualiser is an open source application for survey and dissecting sound files.There are spectrogram, melodic range, top recurrence and range sees, again dependent on your favored channels, and you can show and consolidate the same number of as you need.Each sheet is especially configurable. This implies you're ready to see a similar sound information in a wide range of ways.Sonic Visualiser would then be able to explain your records by including marked time focuses, sections, point esteems and bends, and alternatively overlaying these later.
Sonic Visualiser for windows has been designed as the go-to when you want to study music recordings closely. It is an open-source program available to download for free developed by Queen Mary's Univerity, London. A key feature of the software is the ability to use highly specialised third party plugins in the vamp plugin format.
This is a program for viewing and analyzing the contents of music files. It is open to people who use Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software is free and it is very useful for when you want to study how the music is being recorded closely. This is a great stepping stone for becoming a musicologist or if you want to get into some field of music.
I bought the sonic visualiser for Windows last month because I needed something better for my computer. I think this is the best program I have used so far. It works great for recording the audio projects I have been working on. I feel quite confident in my projects because of this program. I give it constant thumbs up. I am hoping to never have to use another program again. With this software program I feel very secure in my projects and future projects to come.
Sonic Visualiser for Windows was recommended by my colleague at work last week. I was quite impressed with the features of this software program. I had always been curious about what was inside my audio files, and this program is able to show me just that. I give this program two thumbs up!
Sonic Visualiser for Windows is an open-source application for viewing and analyzing audio files, it also inspects the contents of the audio files,it is an impressive tool for musicians who can look at the waveform such as spectrogram view, with interactive adjustments of display parameters,another use of this software is that it gives detail information on audio files. the only set back is it no direct support for VST plugins.
Sonic Visualiser for Windows is a program that enables users to view and analyze the contents of all music and audio files. This program is highly beneficial and effective for those consistently utilizing music files on their system.
This app has sound plug-ins for great sound effects. This is the perfect app for people who are studying music and want to learn how to produce music with ease. The visualizations make it super easy to see what you are doing and what is being edited. This app was designed for music lovers to be able to experience music in a new and easy way.
Sonic Visualiser its honestly a great program for Windows. Its a program that is honestly very great for audio recordings and using them for things like music and doing voice recordings. My brother, is in the music industry and he loves using it for they have four part to it and it helps keep his music and gives a clear and crisp sound when he tries to use it for his instrumental parts.
Sonic Visualiser is software for mapping the melodies of an audio file visually. The software can be used with various useful plugins for different outputs. For instance, the software LADSPA and DSSI effects plugins. The windows version of the software also supports LADSPA plugins for Audacity. The software supports different types of audio files like mp3, wav, Ogg, etc. It is very useful to observe spectrograms and waveforms of an audio file for detailed analysis.
Music plays a massive part in peoples lives. It has become a big interest in a lot of peoples day to day life. The Sonic Visualiser for Windows is an application that enables the user to view and analyze the contents of music audio files. This is creative and good software which is available for all to use. The best thing about this interesting software product is that its free.
Sonic Visualiser for Windows is an open-source, free download software program designed to allow users to view and perform analysis of audio files. Archivists, researchers, and musicologists are the intended users, but others will find it of use as well. In addition to Windows, the program also works with Linux and Mac. Sonic Visualiser version 4.5 is the latest release with a release date of March 2022.
The GUI seems very intuitive and reminds me of the 2000's softwares. I like the variety of functions such as being able to layer different sounds amongst each other. Additionally, being able to record directly onto the software is very helpful. I wish that there was a guide right after installation to help show what functions there are and what one can do.
Sonic visualizer is a free open source application for windows. It is used for audio recording, analyzing and visualization. Fix incorrect color display for closely zoomed. Support dark mode on windows. Fix problems when reopening the function files. Fix nominal rounding error in output under some conditions. Fix horrible crash with multiplex options. It can fix problems with keyboard short cuts.
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