by Hermannseib

Test out your VST plugins before you use them in a project

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hermannseib

Release: SAVIHost 1.42

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SAVIHost makes trying out Visual Studio Technology files as simple as launching an application. After downloading the app, you rename the SAVIHost.exe file to the name of your desired plugin. The plugin is then converted to an executable format. Click on this file, and the instrument program can be played and configured to achieve the desired sound.


  • Very simple to use, new instrument applications can be created and launched merely by renaming the file
  • Quickly test plugins requiring external MIDI input by using the built-in keyboard
  • The keyboard is resizable and can be played by mouse/cursor or computer keyboard input
  • Keyboard in cursor mode has a dynamic volume response, creating louder or softer notes depending on cursor location
  • Configure velocity, modulation, and pitch of the keyboard
  • Supports many types of input source devices in addition to the built-in keyboard
  • Comes with a preset filter effect bank for different genres of music, and is compatible with external filters
  • Automatically transpose audio by semitones or octaves
  • Allows the user to test one instrument individually, making troubleshooting problems less challenging
  • Lightweight application loads and runs quickly
  • Efficiently runs only one plugin at a time, so system resources are conserved
  • Many instances of the SAVIHost program can exist at once, each for an individual VST plugin
  • Compatible with ASIO device drivers to boost performance
  • Metronome tool makes it easy to change the tempo

SAVIHost is a reliable application that takes the complexity out of testing VST plugins. Quickly and easily try out your instrument before you start to create, and use the built-in features and options to create the perfect sound. This application is excellent for beginners as it doesn't require too much technical knowledge, but also boasts powerful sound transformation features that appeal to more experienced users. Further documentation and the full user manual are available online, as well as the free software download.

SAVIHost is possibly the simplest host to use because it makes VST instrument files easily run as executable files.
  • available in 32 and 64-bit versions, requires Windows Vista/XP/7 or higher
  • free to download and use
  • the creator does accept donations via Paypal or cryptocurrency
  • different variant packages come with or without a built-in keyboard
Bran Nelson
This software appears to be for keeping your computer clean and virus free. From the descriptions given, it looks like it is probably a scam, and you are probably better off with something like CCLeaner and Malwarebytes, or any free antivirus. That's just my opinion though, maybe this product is great. Who knows!
Dejan Nikolic
SAVIHost is a free program made by the developer Hermann Seib. It's an Audio Plugin Host that can host both VST Plugins and VST 3 Plugins. VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology and it's a term used to describe an audio plugin software interface. It's used to simulate the hardware of the traditional recording studio in a software environment. SAVIHost represents a derivative version of VSTHost - another program made by Hermann Seib. Its primary use is to make any VSTi (virtual instrument) or VST Effect run like standalone applications. It allows the direct and easy use of Effects and VSTis. They can be assigned to a temporary directory to be tested without the requirement of another host. There is also no need to search for a separate VSTPlugIns-subdirectory. This program is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions. It's a great choice if you need to quickly try out a VST instrument, and you don't have a digital audio workstation.
If you want to run a VST Effect or VSTi as its own application, you should turn to SAVIHost or help. SAVIHost lets you quickly and efficiently use, test, and check any effect or VSTi without requiring another host, and without requiring that you search for another host. You can also distribute any effect or VSTi so you can test in a temporary directory. Again, you can do so without another host.
Connor Zito
Unlike shared or reseller plans, our Hyper-V-based plans have dedicated and hard-partitioned resources, so they guarantee higher performance and better security. For users, our Hyper-V server works in the same way as a physical server does. It grants users great possibility to make full use of the resources.
SAVIHost is useful for those who use plugins for audio software. It allows you to quickly test these plugins using a really easy and quick interface and see if they work for you. It is a much faster process to test as you don't have to open an entire complex program to do so and you have all the necessary tools with this simple program.
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