by Pure Digital Technologies

A program integral to every Flip video camera allowing you to easily share all of your experiences!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pure Digital Technologies

Release: FlipShare 4.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FlipShare is a great simple program that comes pre-loaded on all Flip video cameras. This means that you don't have to spend time downloading, installing, or setting it up. Instead, you can simply start it up and it will already be there for you! FlipShare helps you share your recorded videos in a fast and efficient manner.

FlipShare lets you organize your videos into different directories and folders just like on a full computer. This lets you easily separate videos so you will be able to find them at any point in the future. This would allow you to keep track of where different videos were shot or what was going on during them.

Once you've recorded your video you can use FlipShare to capture a still image from any video. FlipShare allows you to select any individual frame from the video for the still. You can easily use this still as an icon for your video or just to share it without having to share the full video.

You can use FlipShare to edit movies you've made by combining multiple clips, adding text or audio in, or adding some special effects. This allows you to create fun videos that everybody will want to watch!

FlipShare allows you to create your own Flip Channel which you can share with family and friends. So instead of having to share everything with everyone individually, you can share it with everyone all at once!

FlipShare works run on any Windows computer running Windows 7 or later. It will also run on Macs running Leopard 10.5 or later. There is no additional charge for FlipShare as it has already been packaged with the Flip video camera. It's a great tool that's good for sharing all of your experiences with the entire world and can be used in a large variety of situations!

FlipShare already comes setup with your Flip video camera allowing you to just use it without setting it up!
sam dow
FlipShare already comes setup with your Flip video camera allowing you to just use it without setting it up!
I will admit I was doubtful at first, but, this product is wonderful! I was able to easily create my own videos and take snips from it for pictures. I would highly recommend this for beginners and advanced "movie" makers as well. You will have professional results without the high cost of other software. The fact that you can share with family and friends makes this even more fun and enjoyably.
I have so many video files on my computer that I would like to share with friends and family. I found the software that lets me do that. FlipShare for Windows allows me to organize my videos on my Flip video camera. I am able to easily share them with friends. I can use it to create slideshows and burn them onto dvds to give to friends and family. So cool.
I love using FlipShare for Windows because it makes organizing my videos a cinch. Using FlipShare, it's easy to track down and identify any video even if you have a huge collection that would otherwise be unwieldy to sort through. I also like that FlipShare allows me the ability to create my own videos, snap a recording from an existing video and share it with loved ones.
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