NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor)

by MVKTech.net

Fully customize your computers BIOS settings

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MVKTech.net

Release: NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you've ever owned an NVIDIA graphics card then you already know why NVIDIA BIOS Editor is a must-have piece of software. In many cases, those who have graphics cards run into performance issues with their system in terms of stability. NVIDIA BIOS Editor solves multiple stability issues by allowing the user to completely tweak BIOS settings and significantly boost their computer's performance. NVIDIA BIOS Editor allows computer enthusiasts to have total control over special features and advance functions found in their graphics card's firmware updates.


  • Detailed BIOS Information Display
  • Modify and Edit Several Key BIOS Parameters
  • Customize Your Computer's Boot Settings
  • Check Your BIOS Stability Before Saving Your Changes
  • Free To Use

Before finding NVIDIA BIOS Editor, changing your computer's BIOS was literally like playing with a live explosive. One wrong setting could completely ruin your system. Depending on how much you messed up, you could end up losing the computer completely and need to purchase another one. NVIDIA BIOS Editor takes all of the risks out of changing your BIOS settings because of its fail-safe. Once you edit your BIOS using NVIDIA BIOS Editor you can check the integrity of the new settings to make sure everything is in working order. In addition to that, the software will give your access to hidden features of your graphics card to get the best possible performance. The program supports just about all of NVIDIA's graphics card lines and is a must if you own an NVIDIA graphics card. The program itself isn't too difficult to use one you know exactly what you want to change in your BIOS settings. If you've never changed anything in your BIOS before, then it will be a good idea to view some BIOS editing tutorials so you get an idea of what you may and may not want to change.

Instantly improve the stability of your computer system without any technical skills.
Reid Tyler
I have been able to finally amend graphic cards with this editor - something that I have long struggled with. This was amazing really and ultimately a product that stands out as unique and fitting a niche. If you need to work on any graphic cards, I'd recommend to check this product out. Great hit.
This seem to be a cool software to use. It can help with bios and it can modify the parameter of bios. It can let the user customize their boot on their computer. This software is free to use on any computer for any user.
This tool will allow the user to "fine-tune" their GeForce or Quadro graphics card. It is specific to these but overall will offer GPU support. This can be user friendly if just wanting GPU support.
Got updated version 6.04. Lightweight NVIDIA BIOS file manipulation utility. Support the latest graphics card. GPU support. Core voltage display, ability to modify several BIOS parameters. Specific boot setting. TV mode selection. Ability to check BIOS Integrity. Tweaking memory latencies. Quadro graphic card. Value for money.
Jamie T.
NiBiTor (NVIDIA BIOS Editor) is a BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA cards and technology. It provides you with a complete set of tools to view, edit, and update your BIOS and video card settings. With NiBiTor, you can easily adjust clock speeds, core voltages, and fan speeds to maximize performance and find the ideal balance between performance and cooling. NiBiTor also allows you to customize hardware profiles and save them for easy access later. The software is compatible with all major NVIDIA graphics cards and is available for Windows and Linux.
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