Focus Booster

by Focus Booster

A small application helps for time management for all functions in windows platform.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Focus Booster

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Focus Booster is a simple application running on a windows platform. It is mainly used for time management. It works on a popular technique called the Pomodoro technique. In this technique, the working of processes were pieces of 25 minutes and resting for 5 minutes for each block. The application consists of 25 minutes time bar when it reaches zero the block will be in the resting stage and notifies for a time break.

Focus booster has visualization progress. And it also has dashboard reports turn data into user readable formats. Clients can be managed and tend to do multiple projects and paid fairly with hourly charges.

Time entries are another important feature in this view the user can be able to see at which time the work is done. The time entry report can be exported in .csv format. Manual entries are also allowed for quick and easy tasks. Very time-consuming and also increases work productivity. It also has some small features that have big benefits they are it works on multiple platforms like the web, desktop, laptops, mobile, and tablets. The time entries report starts from Sunday to Monday it can be customizable. The weekly email report has rich benefits for our productivity in work. The report consists of the previous week's productivity data. The time entry reports can be deleted for our accurate results. Time entry reallocation is also possible.

Focus booster can be productive everywhere on any computer or mobile-only thing to consider is to sign up. The dashboard helps to view the work process and improves productivity.

Improves work performance and time consuming when working on tedious job.

  • It improves work performance.
  • It is easy for tedious work process.
  • Less time-consuming for any kind of task.
  • It tracks time and analyzes where the progress of work lack.
  • Sessions are automatically recorded for review of the output.
  • It also helps to improve productivity.

It focuses on multiple platforms like web, desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Detailed time summary in .csv format.

THIS IS SO USEFUL. As someone who has ADHD I often find it hard to focus on one task at a time and end up never completing my to do list. I recently read up about pomodoro and found this software in the process. Super useful as it breaks down tasks and even if you step away for a minute you can see what task and for what client you were doing it for. The best part is that you don't need a browser to use this which means less distractions for me!
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