FonePaw Screen Recorder

by FonePaw Technology Limited

A screen recorder that records audio and video and is easy to use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FonePaw Technology Limited

Release: FonePaw Screen Recorder 1.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows allows its user to record their desktop screen. This is highly useful for gamers who want to record themselves playing a game and posting it online for others to see. FonePaw also lets users record video directly from their webcam, so you can record your screen and your reactions to playing the game at the same time. Users can also record sound both with video or on its own. Once done recording, FonePaw lets users export their recordings to a few different formats. And they allow users to schedule recordings, which I find really creepy because there are very few uses for that kind of features that aren't sketchy. 

Users of FonePaw Screen Recorder find the system to be user-friendly and easy to use. After installation, the main screen gives users three options: Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Screen Capture. Clicking on any of them opens a new menu. The Video Recorder menu provides quite a few different options. You can customize a colored border around the screen or record the whole screen. You can also select what monitor you want to record, in case you have more than one. When ready, just hit "REC." Once you start recording, a small window will pop up so you can pause and stop recording when you want to. It also gives you the option to track your time or set the alarm to let you know when you've reached a certain passage of time.

A cool thing about FonePaw is it allows you to make real-time annotations during your recording process. This is a useful tool for users who want to make notes to remind themselves to do something in the editing process. Once done recording, you can trim or clip the video as you want. They also offer advanced recording options, including the option to record following the computer mouse. So wherever the mouse goes on the screen, the recording will follow. Or you can record a specific application, which is nice, so you aren't recording your entire desktop.

All and all, this is a nifty program and can be really useful for people who have interests that require such a thing, which there are quite a few today.

Customizable recording options and timer

  • Record Video and Audio
  • Take Screenshots
  • Custom Presets
  • Easy to Use

FonePaw works with Windows OS 10/8, 1/8/7/Vista/XP, a screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 or up, you need 2GB of space on your hard drive, and at least 512MB but 1024MB is recommended.


Works perfectly for what it was made and programmed to do. It records my screen perfectly well and with many features that make it stand out above the rest like focusing on audio only. It is great and is lightweight, and saving the videos are just as easy as using it.
I have an old computer. I haven't used it in a long time but I want to get the data off it. I downloaded and installed fonepaw screen recorder for windows and retrieve the data off my old hard drive. I used it to transfer the data to my phone and new computer. I was so happy to be able to recover data from that computer.
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